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What is the best tweet


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the pause/fast forward/stop symbols on a CD player, the history behind what they meant, what CDs were to begin with, etc.
is there history to them? The choice of symbols was always pretty arbitrary seeming to me, except maybe the pause || since it looks like a caesura in sheet music.


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That's a good question. Now I am curious.


Here's what I was able to find after a cursory search:
The Pause symbol was designed as a variation on the existing square Stop symbol and was intended to evoke the concept of an interruption or "stutter stop"

It looks like they started appearing on reel to reel recorders in the 1960s. The recorders had been around since the late 20s but before then it seems like the just used the name of the control function on the button or had "a small dial which was physically turned to point at the appropriate word and engage the function."


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If that guy finds an illustration of a tampon string suggestive, his thirst has absolutely not been quenched.

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Ok but you have to admit that Squirt box it outright pornographic


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Not anymore, the guy who owns Gab is now going to host Parler when they code a version that doesn't require so much AWS to run.


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I've met him and I can confirm he walks on his own two legs, unassisted by puppeteer support.


...unless he's one of those Muppets from the early Muppet Show episodes that are full-body costumes...

...fuck, he might be.