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What is the Actual Best Post?


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
I like to revisit old threads from time to time...
This is still a gut punch.


Sorry. I need some time to myself.


Power is fleeting, love is eternal
“Ishiguro-san, you must spare Itano from doing these key frames! His sweat runs as blood, his hands are claws! The Circus… the Circus is killing him!”

Ishiguro sighed a deep sigh. The fools would never understand: It was the Circus that gave him life


From The bloggess:

Victor and I are currently giving Hailey advice to prepare for their driving test and we have very different ideas on how to deal with intentionally aggressive dickholes on the road. Victor is all for honking at them because “How else will they know that they’re idiots?” but I explained that honking just makes them more angry and it’s much easier to just pull up next to them and point frantically with concern at the back of their car like they maybe have a serial killer hiding in the bed of their trunk or a knife sticking out of their tire so they have to pull over in a parking lot and spend time feeling dumb because they can’t figure out what nonexistent thing I was pointing at and it slows them down enough that I don’t have to deal with them anymore and probably makes them drive a little more carefully for awhile because they’re paranoid that something is going to fall off their car and/or explode. Victor was speechless, but probably just because he was very impressed.


Power is fleeting, love is eternal
Lovecraft: What if we lived in a universe dominated by vast and uncaring forces whose love is indistinguishable from malice and which have thus far refrained from destroying us only because we haven’t sufficiently drawn their attention? Would that be fucked up or what?

Literally everyone in America who isn’t straight, white, cisgender, able-bodied and male: *looks at the camera like in The Office*


Power is fleeting, love is eternal
I'm gonna make this easier for future anons: 'Knights are basically cops' is wrong. 'Knights are basically troops' is way more accurate of an own and harder to break down.


What makes Knights cool, in purely fictional terms, is not the use of justified violence or objective moral goodness. This is what cops do, and it's indeed a common modern fictional pitfall to make Knights do the same thing.

What makes Knights different is exploring themes of service and loyalty, not to an abstract 'State' but to a specific person who's cause is admirable, conflicts between one's heart and one's word. It is about eternally reaching for something - an ideal, a treasure, the acknowledgement or even love of a person you admire - only for it to warmly brush one's fingertips before slipping out of reach once more.

Unlike cops, Knights fight other Knights, over ideals, over love, over misunderstandings or tragic circumstance. They cross blades in operatic bursts of violence who's intimacy rivals that of lovers and with victories that are always bittersweet; for what else can the loss of an equal in skill and devotion be?

Do you get it, anon?

Knights are yuri.