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The Weird Board Game Thread - For Players 7 and Upset

Johnny Unusual

We'll start slow. Here's one I actually played.

From my Discord experience...

We solved our first MacGyver mission. The answer was chocolate.
We just stumbled onto our hardest mission yet: unbuckling a seat belt.

The problem is the propeller stalled which SPECIFICALLY gave the pilot a heart attack.

BTW, canonically no reason is given why there's a secret message on the seatbelt.
We now need to open the emergency door to get out of the plane. Which can only be opened with a word puzzle. This is a terrible design.
We need to stop weapons manufacturers in a condiment factory.

the game just rejected our valid answer in favor of their also valid answer for the next puzzle.

I think the guards are James McAvoy from split, Angry Nick Frost with a mustache and Norman Reedus.