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R.R. Bigman

Coolest Guy
I played an hour and a half of FFX-2. It is early 2000’s as hell, along with a number of changes I don’t like. Mainly, I do not enjoy the ATB system in any FF flavored game, and seeing it here after X’s more laid back and tactical set-up was very disappointing for me. At least you can switch it to Wait Mode while in the menus.

The monster capturing system is something I hope I can mostly ignore. Really weird to be capturing and fighting beings that are essentially people’s souls!

I do like how you get an airship right out the gate and after one mission you can go wherever.

I don’t like how Brother is creeping on Yuna, who is his cousin. Didn’t need that addition to his character.
Monster capturing is easy to ignore. There's a special gag ending for monster capture completionists (this will never happen in the course of a natural playthrough, requires a totally ridiculous grind) and you can capture characters including old FFX party members in New Game+ which is kind of a fun easter egg, but the game never really forces you to use this system.

Capture some monsters if it seems fun to have them in your party, ignore it if you'd rather stick to the main 3.

There are some things locked behind it, but nothing you really need, even to beat post-game optional super bosses.


does the Underpants Dance
Monster capturing wasn't even in the original game and it was only added in the International version or whatever it's called.


While I understand the love for the battle system, I also prefer the one from FF X. X-2s was always too fast for my taste, it's the fastest the ATB has ever been, and it stressed me out, plus made battles just harder (or at least REALLY felt that way).
Hey guys, so uh... Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldiers started up today. It's actually pretty fun and cool. It's basically just Fortnite but FF7 flavored. There's some quality of life hitches but otherwise it seems like a pretty solid game already. Only problem is it's iOS/Android only right now. I would kill to be able to play this on PS4 or Steam.
I end up on the other end of it with X-2's ATB. My favorite FF for a looooong time was IX, but the slow battles in that were easily my only real problem with it. So when X-2 had fast, punchy ATB that even let you act while other character animations were in progress it was one of my favorite things about it instantly.

My sister didn't like it as much though, she definitely likes to think about every move she makes so she also put it on Wait mode.

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
A significant part of X-2 backslash among the non-gamerz fanbase was the 180% on the battle system. People who enjoyed the laid back system of X had trouble getting into X-2's (I loved the X system and I am sad it didn't get a refinement, but X-2's is cool too, my own gripes come down to the fact that I felt it was somewhat aimless as a game and unneeded, storywise. Maybe I'm due for a replay).

Octopus Prime

Jingle Device
Most of the backlash against it I saw stemmed from the games poppy aesthetic and Gal Pals on an ADVENTURE theme being at odds with the original game (this being 2003, and most of the people in my social group all being teenagers and all)
So when X-2 had fast, punchy ATB that even let you act while other character animations were in progress it was one of my favorite things about it instantly.

I would really love one more iteration on the X-2 that made it even smoother. It's an amazing ATB system especially for its era, but imagine it with even less load times on job changes... Don't remaster anything, just eliminate some ATB downtime.
Lightning covers basically the same ground as a 3-person party herself in LR though. You don't job-switch in the same way as in XIII or X-2, but you set three loadouts of a job and equipment that you can switch between in battle, each with their own independent ATB bars. Found it a lot more fun than XIII just because I don't like how strict XIII's job requirements per battle can get. It's also got some really fun abilities to play with, though unfortunately some of the best ones are basically locked at low levels because their power scales too high or locked to some not great outfits.
I 100% believe you but the thing is I want three (3) party members, specifically the three party members in FFX-2, and with all of those same systems, but just a little smoother so its PS2 roots show a little less obviously than they still do in the most recent round of FFX remasters.

I do look forward to XIII-3 some day, though, also.