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The PSA TV Thread - Teaching Children with Bewilderment and Terror

Johnny Unusual

One of my all time favourite PSAs.

Look, I never believed it was real, but for the commercial to broach such a great idea God missed out on this makes me curse his works.


definitely not a robot
I thought that was going to be an environmental PSA. Genuinely wasn't expecting that turn at the end.


The funny thing about the house hippo ad is it just made every Canadian 90s kid desperately wish house hippos were real.

Apparently Concerned Children's Advertisers have their own Youtube channel. Here are some other favourites:

"Somebody get this cat-off-my-head"

"We are girls, we will do what's right for us."

"My thing is dinosaurs"

I guess the message of this one was stay fit, or else girls might kiss you? Bit of an odd message

And of course, the all-time classic, "Don't You Put It In Your Mouth". Hard to say whether this one or House Hippo is the more recognizable, but say the phrase "Like a muffin or a beet!" to any Canadian over 30 and they'll instantly know what you're talking about.

I genuinely think Concerned Children's Advertisers are one of the most successful Canadian media creators of ever.

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
It has been over thirty years and I still have no dag-blamed idea what the heck the Stay Alert Stay Sage ad was for.

There were consequent ads that were much more clear, but the original is just completely bewildreing