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I cuss you bad
I remember in my days of wishing I could afford to import the spanking new Super Famicom seeing that "Bombuzal" was one of the first games listed in the import adverts in Mean Machines. Finally I get to see what that was.
I loved Claymates (due to nostalgia reasons) but have a hard time defending it today. If you're in the Stuart Gipp "are any 2D platforming collectathons truly bad, really?" demographic, it is great.


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
I finally get this after only 30 odd years 🤦‍♂️

They did away with the pun for the US release, where it was known as Ka-Blooey!, which I supposed is supposed to be a pun on the main thing you play as being a blue... whatever it is? I rented it early in the SNES lifespan, when there wasn't much out, and I recall liking it fine, but I haven't played it since probably 1991, so take that for what it's worth.

Mr. Sensible

Pitch and Putt Duffer
Ka-Blooey! was one of the first SNES games I owned as a kid, along with Phalanx (another Kemco-published SNES port of a PC game) and Super Mario World. After having spent a significant amount of time with it I can't say it's a great puzzle game, but gosh-darnit, that soundtrack still gets me fired up to detonate some red spherical bombs as a stumpy little blue dude.

Additionally, this makes me hopeful that Phalanx might yet see a release on NSO, which is a perfectly generic early-90s sidescrolling shooter that just happens to also sport some real banger tracks.


Video games
I'm really excited for Jelly Boy as it is genuinely a good game*

Claymates is too but that was already on Evercade so I'm enthused but the novelty is lesser

*I know, it's me and I would say this, but it is

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
Uh, so is Kemco still around? If not, who owns their games now? I wonder how all these obscure games are getting published in Nesflix and I wonder what dark copyrightmantic rituals were performed to bring these games back.


Red After Image
(he / his / him)
The Guardian Legend was published by Irem but Compile's IP are all over the place. It hasn't been rereleased since its debut on the NES. Not sure who might own it now.


hardcore retro gamin'
Well, The Guardian Legend was published in the States by Broderbund, and apparently by Nintendo themselves in Europe? But yeah, no idea who would have the game's rights at this point. It's absolutely a game that deserves a larger audience - it still holds up after all this time.