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The Kickass Covers Thread


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
I feel like *especially* since the bad times when no one can go to shows, there have been a lot of kick ass covers popping up on YouTube. This is, of course, not limited to those, but, well...

Mikey and his Uke have been doing some great ones, including this jam for driving around and making some CRAZY MONEY.

And Two Minutes to Late Night are just absolutely killing it with stuff like, well, this:



A most radical pontiff
I’m a big fan of the Skatune network dude’s output.

Not always video game stuff but he’s recently been on an Undertale kick.

Exposition Owl

Doctor Hoo
On the off chance that somebody hasn’t heard me rave about this yet, the Beninese superstar Angélique Kidjo released a cover of the entire Talking Heads album “Remain in Light” that turns all of the music’s West African influences up to 11. Here’s Kidjo’s version of “Born Under Punches,” for example:

The entire album is that good.

Exposition Owl

Doctor Hoo
I sort of feel like Nick Cave's version of "I'm Your Man" fulfills the promise of Leonard Cohen's original, replacing the obligatory '80s synths with the drunken brass band that they were gesturing toward, and giving the ranting, pleading vocal performance that Cohen's voice couldn't manage anymore.


Johnny Unusual

I love Cohen so much but a lot of the instrumentation choices of his 80s sound don't do it for me, which is frustrating considering how those songs are often otherwise super amazing (which is why my favourite Cohen album is Death of a Ladies' Man).


stuck in baby prison
I was picking up all the Mountain Goats EPs I never bothered with, thanks to lincolnic's tip. When I checked out Merge Records' other stuff on bandcamp I noticed that a band called A Giant Dog covered Arcade Fire's Neon Bible in its entirety, and they do a tremendous job with it. Also, their cover art is a hand-drawn parody of the original Neon Bible art that turns it into goatse, which is fun.
I've just been getting into Lianne La Havas the past couple of weeks and her cover of Radiohead's Weird Fishes (my favorite In Rainbows track) has jumped pretty high on my list of favorite covers.


Pajaro Pete


drake's nasally monotone nice guy anthem is transformed into a poignant, emotional lament thanks to an actual good vocalist


It's really an old folksong so I'm not sure how "cover-y" this is. Let's assume the Nirvana version is the one most people know.



Slam Master
(he, etc.)
That was the first Millencolin song I ever heard, because it was on Punk-O-Rama Vol. 2.

EDIT: This also rules.

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