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The Disney+ thread of ever-growing entertainment monopolies


I feel like the single most "oh okay so that's where they're coming from here" piece of media Disney ever made was that episode of the proud family that was a parody of the matrix, only the way you freed your mind was by not pirating media.


Anyway we now live in a world where someone in Disney's legal department sent a message to Paramount's legal department with SEGA's legal department CC'd to ask how big a check they'd need to write for the use of a rejected design...

So their movie could have a needle drop MEME.


I don't know what else I can say here.


Welp. That was aggressively mediocre. I laughed really hard at parts of it, though those parts were few and far between. If you’re curious, watch it while folding laundry or something.

It has none of the heart or speculative brilliance of Roger Rabbit, which is to be expected, but it also isn’t bad enough to be interesting. It’s just kind of there.

Also Gadget is only in it for like two minutes and looks wrong, even more wrong than the other cel-shaded Rangers. Though she got my favorite line in the movie so that’s something I guess.


There’s one gag about the fact that Dale’s CG body can’t squash and stretch any more, which would be clever, except that Chip doesn’t squash and stretch at any point either, so it just comes across as incoherent. It’s all very half-baked.

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
Yeah, I'm coming down on "terrible concept, good execution" for Chip & Dale. Akiva Schaffer has never directed a bad movie, but this is certainly an odd one.

Also, they use Tenacious D in the soundtrack early on, and it really made me want to like the movie more.


Was is the line about how her real personality is basically identical to her role in the show? Because that killed me.
Yep! I lost it for like a solid minute. Definitely an example of the movie nailing the vibe it was going for.


Fearful asymmetry
I think the review Wisteria mentioned is right on the money. Maybe they just went with the bootlegs plot because bootlegs are admittedly silly, but there is this underlying subtext of "Only we as the American film industry are ordained to make cartoons... the rest of you are unworthy, and must only consume, never create." I suppose you could just as easily make Sweet Pete the hero of the movie, a Prometheus bringing the fire of animation to mortals. And instead of mutating existing cartoons into bootlegs, he instead gives the rest of us the forbidden knowledge of Adobe Flash and Toon Boom.


In retrospect it's wild that some of the "bootlegs" are just... someone else's adaptation of a public domain work. The first actual bootleg we see being filmed is Winnie the Pooh, which feels like an intentional choice.