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The DC Comics TV & Movie Thread - A Thread for Talking about Detective Comics Comics Television Shows and Movies

Hahaha oh man Batwoman is soooo baaaaad! I hate literally all these characters. I’m basically rooting for Alice at this point. How could they think this was a good idea to do this to Kate Kane.


The Goggles Do Nothing
Guy is not close to being the best GL, but he is definitely the most fun. I hope the show updates itself a bit and talks about how 1) they’re Space Cops with dubious legal jurisdictions

I know literally your next post is about Batwoman, so you are aware, but, dang, I would not expect the Berlanti that gave us Batwoman's whole first season to take the position that Space Cops are anything but a universal authority.


(Fem or Gender Neutral)
Guy was a cop? I thought he was a teacher?

*one trip to Wikipedia later*

Oh. New 52. Yep, that explains it.


A most radical pontiff
Guy is not close to being the best GL, but he is definitely the most fun. I hope the show updates itself a bit and talks about how 1) they’re Space Cops with dubious legal jurisdictions, 2) Guy is an actual cop who is exactly the kind of guy who would fly a thin blue line flag nowadays, and 3) that the GLC historically was a nonviolent, pacifist organization before modern times and Geoff Johns came along.

Meanwhile, LEGENDS IS BACK BAYBEEE. Tonight’s episode:

Being an Avenger is stupid. The goal is to prevent death, I’m a Preventer. You wanna join The Preventers, Sparty?


Edit: Garry is an alien fucking magical show hahahaha

Edit2: I’m gonna be upset if Esperanza Cruz is not secretly Jessica Cruz

Poor Garry. Hope his fiancé is okay.
This week in Batwoman:

So the show just casually introduced Stephanie Brown like it was nbd and as a fairly disposable one-off character. I guess they could and probably will bring her back? But it was just weird. Especially when the show and all the characters around them immediately started shipping her with Luke Fox? Who, I'm pretty sure is supposed to be gay??? Did the show just forget and un-gay one of its main characters on accident??? Woof.

Also, I still can't get over last week's Batwoman. Batwoman left Alice to die, literally just walked out of a room while she was getting choked to death, despite that being probably the worst thing I've ever seen a Bat-character ever do. This new Batwoman seems like such a cool character until they start doing really dumb or evil shit like this and it just ruins everything.


A Bard Named SPOONY
So Supergirl S6E7 has put an end to the ScarySpace plot and Kara is finally back with her friends family and now the show is on hiatus until late August.

I liked this episode a lot overall, and it had me fooled for the first hallucination fake-out, but then I noticed the flash (the screen effect, not the character) at the start of the second one. The focus on the fears of each character, except Jonn and Brainy, was well done and downright spooky in places.

Biggest quibble is the most obvious one, that ending was rushed. I guess it was one last necessity made with the pandemic shooting schedule and Benoist's mat leave, but it is a shame we couldn't really let Kara's rescue sink in. It's just, yay she's back, and also her Dad and... Nixly somehow, I guess?
The show doesn't address how Kara's dad or Nixly survived, like at all. We last saw SuperDad with a wounded leg left behind in an exploding base. We saw Kara escape, and the show made great pains to show her surviving alone, but then this episode opens and he's just... there with her. Not a single mention of it. I guess this was another casualty of the shooting schedule, but it was awkward as hell.

As for Nixly, it's not super surprising she survived, being one of the DC Universe version of Q after all, but it does throw a wrench into what to expect for the remainder of the season. Which is honestly kinda nice? Up until now the only likely endgame for the series would have been Lex again, and while John Cryer is a delight that would make it three seasons in a row and the show is supposed to be about Kara, not him. (just give him a spinoff) Nixly is far too new to be a series-ending antagonist, though, but maybe she can help bring about whatever final catastrophe Kara is going to face. Mixy is also confirmed to return again this season, though, so maybe Nixly will just get one more episode to be a threat before the rest of the Q Continuum 5th Dimensional Imps notice and send a cleanup crew.

Anyway, Superman and Lois is back next week, which I'm not all that interested in. Maybe now I'll finally try and watch Legends.
I started watching this week's episode of The Flash, and it opened up with Flash and not!mom;speed-force-made-incarnate arguing and yelling at each other really angry like about how speedmom just murdered somebody and I had this weird feeling like wtf is even going on (more than normal). And then I realized, I had skipped last week's episode and didn't even notice. But just the idea of having to go back and watch TWO episodes of The Flash in order to catch up felt daunting and awful. To say nothing of the intense feeling of revultion and disgust I had at watching the dramatics of Flash and speedmom arguing for what seemed like no reason at first. I've been saying I'd swear off this show for a while now, but this might be the time it finally sticks? Fingers crossed!!! 🤞

Also, it's still just INTENSELY WEIRD that Wally West is still just hangin' out in this universe, but the last time we saw him he was angry at Flash over Flash fucking up the speed force, and they left on bad terms. Maybe they'll bring him back but somehow I doubt it? It's weird that Flash's brother-in-law and also speedster is just kinda forgotten about. Ostensibly when speedmom came back, Wally should have gotten his powers back too but if he did, he's staying far far far away from this trainwreck of a show.