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The Cartoon Intro Examination Thread (60s Edition) - Hanna the Barberian

Johnny Unusual

The Marvel Super Heroes: The End

We’ve reached the end. But perhaps the best has been saved for last. With no further ado…

We begin with Captain America strutting towards the audience.

Oh, sorry, did I say Cap strutted? Because here comes Namor to fucking show you what a strut is.

Namor. Fucking. Brought. It.

Sorry, Cap, don’t bring a shield to a gait fight.

“Stand a little straighter.
Walk a little prouder.”

That is the maximum amount of pride you can walk with. More pride can only be sat on a thrown or maybe carried in a palanquin.

“Be an innovator”

We see Iron Man working on some science and engineering stuff, with kind of a moody use of light and shadow.

“Laugh a little louder.”

Then we get the Hulk laughing.

It’s a good jolly Hulk.

“Grow a little greater.
We can show you how ta.”

We see Thor holding aloft his hammer while energy shines from it, then all the heroes gather for a group shot.

“And where will you be then” the singers lower their voices and the heroes move forth. Or rather the animator moves the still cell down the screen.

We then see our heroes parade through a spotlight.

“You’ll belong
You’ll belong
You’ll belong
You’ll belong
To the Merry Marvel Matching Society.”

We then see their feet stepping on some sort of plate with the last step, that of Hulk, kicking it up with the pressure.

“March along
March along
March along
To the song of
The Merry Marvel Marching Society!”

The plate turns into an M which spells out the name of the song. Then its mostly credits.

“If you growl
If you groan
With the sour dour outlook
If you howl
If you moan
If you lose your sauerkraut, look…”

Is “losing your sauerkraut” an actual expression? Who cares? This is poetry, motherfuckers.

“Then you’re [can’t make it out] in step
With the villains of pep

The villains of pep feels like the Masters of Evil farm team.

“Be an early riser.”

OK, I’m out.

“Strive to be ambitious.
Speak a little wiser.
Try to be judicious.
Be a good adviser.
Never ever vicious.
And where will you be then?
You’ll belong
You’ll belong
You’ll belong
You’ll belong
To the Merry Marvel Matching Society.
March along
March along
March along…”

The end. The perfect song.

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

I’ve always been a Marvel guy but now I feel like I’m ready to join a cult and partake in their Human Torch-themed blood rituals and Ravage 2099-themed orgies.

What Did You Find on elsewhere?

OK, I really misheard some of these lyrics.

“If you howl, if you moan, you can lose your sour grout by keeping trim and in step
With the vim and the pep of the Merry Marvel Marching Society”

But… sour grout? Is that even a thing?

Fan Art

There’s no lack of it, to be sure.

My favourite part. “Sorry, no Ghost Riders allowed.”

This one is pretty cool. Reminds me of when Wizard when commission “Vs” fan art from big creators.

Man, I can’t wait till my province goes green. Hopefully early August.


Find Your Reason
Petition for Phase 4 of the MCU to replace the Avengers with the Merry Marvel Marching Society forever.

Johnny Unusual

Mary, Mungo and Midge

NO idea. Except its British so its probably stop motion and super chill.

We start with a still shot of a city with flutes and an organ playing.

“A town is full of buildings” says the narrator. Wait, is this going to be about talking buildings?

“Some tall, some short, some wide and some narrow.”

We then see a white, modern-look apartment building and pan down to a commercial district.

“The buildings are flats and houses and factories and shops. Their built-in streets. The streets have cars and buses and lorries driving along them.”

And we see that, except it doesn’t feel like driving along so much as the streets are big conveyor belts that parked cars are pulled along.

“The cars and buses in the streets are full of people. In fact, there are quite a lot of people in the town.”

We actually see people and… I thought this was a show about buildings, then maybe about cars… Now people. Seems like it took a while to get to those.

“Do you live in a town?”

Asks the narrator while staring at a circle of flowers.

Live in this town.”

We see the title appearing in the circle of flowers before disappearing.

“They live with Mary’s mother and father in this block of flats. They live right at the top.”

We then pan to the top of a block of flats.

“There are eight flats built on top of each other.”

Is this show about architecture and infrastructure? I would have assumed at this point the narrator might have moved on. Specificity is the soul of narrative but get a move on. We already know they are on the top one.

“Mary, Mungo and Midge live in the one with the flowers growing in the window box. There’s Mary.”

A paper doll girl pops up and her hand waves.

“There’s Mungo.”

A classic-style dog pops up.

“And there’s Midge.”

A little mouse peaks from behind a flower’s leaf. He has a bowtie.

The flower then pops in front of his head.


Oh, wait, that was a seamless transition into the end credits… Which is mostly Midge carrying the credits around, then panning back to show up Mary and Mungo.

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

As far as chill Brit kiddy shows, this is lower on my list.

What Did You Find on Wikipedia?

Actually, the series very much IS about the specifics of living in an urban area. Apparently, most British kids shows took place in the country side and this was a specific attempt to reflect city living. The only exception is one episode where they have a picnic in the country.

Fan Art

I did find some, actually.

One in memory of the narrator.

A great drawing of the opening shot.

And this black and while one that accentuates that Mungo’s mouth looks like a butt.

Johnny Unusual

Max the 2000 Year Old Mouse

Another no idea but… that Mouse is older than Jesus when this came out. Something to think about.

We start with a black screen and a series of four-digit numbers which are either dates or some angry animator is giving out a lot of his fellow staff members ATM numbers. Why does he have them? Was that even a thing in the late 60s? Who knows? So probably the former.

Then we see mouse dressed like a 18th century soldier of some kind. This mouse, with over a millennium under his belt, is still warring, he has seen empires rise and fall and the folly of man’s cruelty but still he feels compelled to fight. Max is a tragic figure.

We then see him with a hat that makes me think “30s jazz guy” and a lot of rope and the expression on his face tells me he’s into some kinky shit and he’s gauging whether you are likeminded.

We then see him as a civil war soldier, a cowboy and a Roman centurion. Max almost certainly has an amount of blood on his hand that my mind can’t begin to calculate.

We then see the name “Max” flash on the screen in blue and green striped letters. We then see a series of patterns and shapes that is probably Max staring into the infinite, the source of his cursed immortality.

The title comes up again in a couple forms (including “the 2000 Year Old Mouse) and we see him again in his big hat and ascot and he winks at us. Sorry, Max, not interested. But flattered.

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

Not really.

What Did You Find on Wikipedia?

Basically, a narrator would go over a historical event and Max, voiced by 60s Spider-Man, would claim he was there are helped out. Also, the theme music was used later by Sneak Previews, Siskel and Ebert’s first TV show.

Fan Art

Nothing. But I did see more than one Max from Goof Troop in his underpants… yeah.


Summon for hire
Oof, I watched the episode in the video embed, which turns out to be about Daniel Boone, which... is not a bit of history that ages well. (He learned from friendly Indians in his youth! Which helped him kill lots of them later! Hooray!) Also basically none of the actual history bits are animated, it's all just slow pans over art with narration, occasionally broken up by slightly-animated bits of comic relief with the mouse. This whole thing really smacks of some broadcaster trying to satisfy a mandate for some fraction of "educational" programming for kids on the cheap.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
He looks great for 2000 years old. You wouldn't think he's a year over 1000.
Two thousand years is, what, fifty thousand in mouse years? I wonder if he ever longs for the sweet release of death, like other immortals.

I'm also wondering if the two thousand year old mouse is a riff on Mel Brooks' two thousand year old man character.


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
My headcanon is that the alleged 2000 year-old mouse is just bullshitting everybody and self-inserting himself into these historical tales 'cuz he wants the attention.

Johnny Unusual

Micro Ventures

I’ve never heard of this.

Simple as can be. Look at this.

Simple as can be. A hypno-swirl, three people in a buggy. One of them looks like he belongs in the Church of the Sub-Genius. The title Micro Ventures. This is top tier kitsch. BTW, I don’t think so, I hope this is about the surf band The Ventures being shrunk and fighting crime while driving around the countries.

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

I… kind of do.

So this is about the world’s most irresponsible hero scientist, even by Marvel Comics expectations.

Basically, we have Mike (who sounds completely checked out), Jill and… Dr. Micro? I didn’t catch the name. Anyway, he has a shrink ray and a buggy and is eager to put them to use.

They begin looking at ants and Mike woodenly says “Man, I’d hate to fight a big one” and Dr. Micro is like “Bad news, sport. We are shrinking into an ant colony.” No one asks why or if this is even relatively close to a good idea. It isn’t.

Dr. Micro sprays them with the scent of the ant saying that they would be attacked as intruders without it. Do you know why, Dr. Micro? You are intruders. You are intruding on them.

Anyway, Micro shows them the ant city, telling them how alike we are in that there are leaders, workers, thieves and this is all starting to feel like he is on the verge of leaning into an Ayn Randian tract. Instead he shows them the aphid farm and they eat honeydew (the money substance).

That’s when the shit goes down. The colony is attacked by rival ants looking for slaves and the other ants respond by shooting deadly ass poison. You took your children into this nightmare, Dr. Micro. By choice. You knew all this stuff. You could have just told them. But I guess his philosophy is “The best way to learn about Hell is to live in it.”

Sure enough, Jill is almost carried off to eternally raid picnics and basically become Furiosa of the ants (in my head canon) while Mike and Dr. Micro try to save her. This was never a good idea, Micro. The hometeam ants inadvertently save her in attacking the raider and soon chase our hero… into the queen’s lair. Thankfully, she accepts bribes as Jill gives her some honeydew. Note this was honeydew stolen from her own farm so this is like an intruder bribing me with my own can of Coke.

The gang escapes and Dr. Micro laughs as his son is who suffering from some sort of mysterious itch, which might be the first signs of a serious problem. Dr. Micro doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about anyone.

What Did You Find on Wikipedia?

This was a segment on the Banana Splits Show. There were only four episodes.

Fan Art



Summon for hire
Yeah that entire family should've been dead half a dozen times over in the span of four minutes. Dr. Micro may not be a very good father.

Johnny Unusual

Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table

Wow, this one wasn’t on the source I was using. I almost missed it. So, we are talking about whatever this is.

We start with a knight looking like he is about to say something when he is hung up on a try by some guys, who then plop him on a horse. And they are very animated.

This is one of the most animated looking things I’ve seen from 60s TV. Its not like it looks “amazing” but it looks like effort. The character designs look like a Jay Ward piece but the animation kind of reminds me of cartoons in the 90s I didn’t particularly like but were clearly trying, like Cow and Chicken and Ed, Edd and Eddy. And I appreciate that so much, even if it is limited to intro.

Anyway, getting put on the horse ends up revealing the knight’s face.

“Arthur, the king of Camelot.
He’s the ring-a-ling-a-ding that is king.”

This is the most 60s cartoon intro lyric.

The horse takes off. Again, super animated and manic.

“Arthur, he likes to joust a lot,
And he really makes the kingdom swing.”

So get ready for a children’s show’s with medieval key parties.

“Dragons run from out of his way
And the black knight hasn’t a chance.”

Sure enough a tiny dragon dodges Arthur and Arthur easily bests a black knight.

“If you’re in trouble send a cable
To the hero of the fable
Arthur of Camelot.”

We see Arthur wooing a damsel who looks a lot more modest than I would have expected from a 60s cartoon, even one aimed at children. Like, she’s showing cleavage but somehow she has an aura of ultra-platonicness. There is no chemistry here and despite the flowers, maybe they are just friends who want to hang. Heck, I could read them as mother and son. Its unexpected, but I do kind of like the design. That said, it feels like the show could be about her, in that her face has an energy similar to youthful leads of a lot of French comics aimed at kids.

We then see Arthur struggling to pull a sword from something and then finally getting it at the right angle (and A right angle).

“He took the sword from the stone
Made of table round
Took the bravest knights
And Sat them around.”

We see the knights, who look like a motley bunch of goobers, particularly the guys on each end.

“Then all of Camelot knew that they had a king
Yeah, a king who could nearly any darn thing.”

King Arthur shuffles some cards, accidentally spills them and then pulls a card with his face on it.

That’s what the maidens call
When they’re lost or in distress.”

We see a dark, very crooked castle. I kinda like it.

From it a woman’s silhouette is calling for help.

“If you’re locked up in a tower
He does rescues on the hour.”

Arthur rushes through the castle and frees the lady we’ve seen before whom I assume is Guinevere.

“He’s a purpurayin’ (I can’t make out what he’s actually saying through a door slam), armor-plated, dragon-slayin’ king.
That’s Arthur, Arthur
We know no other
King of Camelot.”

We then see the character hanging with his own title until it chases him off. Then he comes back and shoves it a bit to show him who is boss.

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

I’m mildly curious.

What Did You Find on Wikipedia?

This was an Australian show, though it may have aired in some places in the US and the UK (it says to sold airing rights to those countries but not if they actually did or where). Also, the show was black and white up until the mid-70s, when it was finally colorized.

Fan Art

None at all.

Johnny Unusual

The Mighty Hercules

This is one I am VERY familiar with. It aired a lot in Canada because it was a Canadian/US co-production and any of those are enough to count as CANCON (Canadian Content) and therefore get played a lot. So because of the fact that there seemed to be more Canadian cartoons in the 60s, it means a lot of 80s kids had to sit through a lot of 60s show. This one is a loose adaptation of the myth of Hercules. Very loose. To my memory, he even has a Clark Kent secret identity or something and a magic ring. And also a centaur friend named Newt who would constantly repeat himself in a high-pitched voice like a castrati Johnny Two-Times.

We start with a trumpet roar and the production company.

The text says “we make adventure cartoons” but the visual says “we make industrial fans for factories that make industrial fans.”

After getting the name of the show’s creator, we get the theme.

Legend of song and story
Winner of ancient glory.”

Then we get Hercules in shadow. Having seen it, I know the animation is cheap but this is the first time that I’m struck that this visual in the opening is actually pretty strong.

It looks kinda cool. Like it is going to be actually smoother than the actual final product.

Hercules fires an arrow into the air.

“Fighting for what’s right
Fighting with his might
With the strength of ten
Ordinary men.”

I know it helped the rhythm but calling the men whose strength ordinary kind of low key depreciates him in value. Why not ten “brave, valiant men?” Then its like he’s got both physical AND intangible strengths.

Anyway, I think he has more than the strength of ten because he shoots an arrow into the sun and…

Hercules fucking exploded the sun with an arrow. That’s impressive and also I think he murdered us all. Our star’s death provides a path for the show’s title. Hope its worth it, Hercules.

People are safe when near him
Only the evil fear him.”

Did he judge the entire Earth evil because he just fucking doomed it!

“Softness in his eyes
Iron in his thighs
Virtue in his heart
Fire in every part
Of the Mighty Hercules”

This sounds less like “praising the hero” lyrics and more “make me yours, body and soul, Hercules! I am a canvas! Paint your love on me!”

Hercules appears before his H and maybe has growing powers because he gets bigger and the h gets smaller and flashes like the boss of a beat em up game who is about to die.

The h enters his belt and Hercules does a flex/fist pump combo as lightning strikes.

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

Absolutely. It’s a better intro than I remember. The show is also cheesy but I expect in a relatively fun way. I think. Nostalgia does go a long way.

What Did You Find on Wikipedia?

I misremembered. Hercules didn’t have a secret identity but he did need a ring to access his divine powers. Turns out the premiere episodes actually looks quite good in terms of animation that doesn’t continue on for very long into the series. He decides he wants to live on Earth but must relinquish his divine strength to do so. But he is also given his ring to use for limited periods to use his strength.

The singer is actually Johnny Nash, of “I Can See Clearly Now” fame. That’s pretty neat. Note, I’m not certain if that is what we are hearing though, because apparently there was a remaster with a new singer, presumably so they didn’t have to pay the Nash estate, but the original version continued on Teletoon Retro (Canada’s version of Boomerang). But it does sound like the original to me.

Hercules archnemesis was Icarus’ dad Daedalus for some reason, who became a wizard. Poor dude really lost it after his son died, huh?

Fan Art

Hey, there is.

I forget the mask guy’s deal. According to Wikipedia, its magic and makes him invincible.

This one looks like a patch to sew on your coat.

No fair using the same face twice.


Summon for hire
Those centaur and faun designs look vaguely familiar, I must have caught an episode of this somewhere once...


Arm Candy
I didn't even have to click the video to remember the intro music, that's how deep it's ingrained into my psyche. I could be a senile octogenarian in a rest home and still be able to babble out the lyrics.

I wonder if the cartoon saw a resurgence in popularity after the Disney animated film hit theatres?

Johnny Unusual

The Mighty Heroes

A generic title but I’m actually vaguely aware of this superhero cartoon.

We begin with the shot of a city and the line “And as the raven shouts defiance, the call goes out for the mightiest heroes them all!”

What… is the raven thing? Is this an America thing? I don’t know what that means.

Anyway, we are inundated with sudden rapid fire images of Americana.

We see a muscular man working on under a truck, then lifting it when he hears a bell.

“Strong Man!”

We then see a man eating with a bird who basically looks like Michael Jeter, who ambles to the rescue.

“Tornado Man”

We see a Mr. Spacely looking guy looking out at the trippy America stuff, which I guess is the superhero signal for these guys but also covers the city and seems extremely obnoxious to live within.

Then we see a sailor tying a knot on the pier, who takes notice of the lights.

“Rope Man”

We then see a toddler napping in his room, who notices the situation out his window.

“And Diaper Man”

Note that I saw a comic called Diaper Man in my local comic shop but it was… on the high shelf, if you catch my drift.

Diaper Man changes into his costume and says “Up and Away” in a gravelly Popeye voice.

Strong Man throws the truck in the air and changes into a costume with an H on it. Either for Hero or the man can’t spell. He then leaps and says “YA-HOOOO!” and leaps one more time into the air. I thing the H might be for unHinged.

Cuckoo Man hops into a Cuckoo clock into a bird costume and awkwardly flies and babbles to the rescue out of his bird shop.

Tornado Man turns into his costume from what looks like a meteorological center and spins around saying “whee” as would we all.

Rope man disappears into his uniform and is revealed to be either a man made of rope or, perhaps, a rope made of man.

It ends with him flying away instead of… a group shot? Shouldn’t we end with a group shot?

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

Where’s my group shot!

And, I dunno. Maybe? But not that much.

What Did You Find on Wikipedia?

Not a lot of surprises. They bungle act one then win the day by the finale.

The made re-appearances in the Ralph Bakshi/John K. Might Mouse cartoon and strangely, in a one shot Marvel Comic in 1998. The… company was in serious dire straights back then. Interestingly, speaking of Bakshi, he was working on kids shows in this era before doing X-Rated cartoons and that included this AND the old Spider-Man show.

Fan Art

Yep, but the generic title means I need to pick it out from other superhero art. But only one stuck out to me.

I like this one.


Summon for hire
That it one weird-ass group of superheroes (aside from Strong Man, who's oddly generic for this group of out-there loonies).


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
As many TT folk know I've always been a fan of the Mighty Heroes' distress call. F#$% the Bat-Signal.


Micro Ventures

That’s when the shit goes down. The colony is attacked by rival ants looking for slaves
Is that... a thing that ants do? Because I have never heard of anything like that, but also that's an incredibly weird thing to just invent wholecloth in the middle of what seems to be a science lesson gussied up as a cartoon.
and the other ants respond by shooting deadly ass poison.
OK now that I know isn't a thing ants do. So like... did someone bluff his way into writing an educational thing about ants, realize his actual knowledge only covered like a minute's worth of screentime, and just... started improvising and hoping nobody would notice?

Johnny Unusual

Milton the Monster

Oh, I’ve never even heard of this one. What is it.

We start with a creepy looking house on a hill (it is unknown if said hill is haunted) as lightning strikes.

“On top of old Horror Hill, in a secret laboratory, Professor Weirdo and Count Kook were in their monstrous glory.”

The camera pans into the house and we see the two characters working over a monster-shaped mold, Creepy Crawlers-style.

Professor Weirdo and Count Kook are also lower tier mad scientist names, particularly ones for characters who look like a fancy pants artist and a French ambassador, respectively. They could be both. People can have two jobs.

Professor Weirdo starts sing-cooking up a monster.

“Six drops of an essence of terror.
Five drops of sinister sauce.”

This is not necessarily the most euphemistic evil condiment, but its up there.

Count Kook asks, “When the stirring’s done, may I lick the spoon.”
Professor Weirdo: “Of, course, Doctor, of course.”

Oh, so he’s a count AND a doctor? I mean, that’s fine but I feel like we’ve gotten a bait and switch with his expected honorific. But I think its my failing to assume that he needs to feel hemmed in by one. I’m just glad as far as evil duos go, they seem to be on pretty good terms. No saying “You imbecile” and smashing someone over the head. This feels a bit sweet.

“Now for the tincture of tenderness,
But I must use only a touch.
For without a touch of tenderness,
It might destroy me!

And sure enough, Kook accidentally knocks the tincture into the monster mix. Weirdo gets out a stethoscope and listens to a heartbeat within the monster cake mold.

Weird: “Better hold you’re breath, its starting to tick.”
Kook: "Better hold my hand, I’m feeling sick.”

The mold turns into a tall monster, who sits up.

Monster: “Hello, daddy!”

Weirdo and Kook look on in terror.

Weirdo: “What have I done?”

We see the monster’s face and he’s a doof with a unibrow and the top of his head missing and emitting steam.

Monster (in precious pose): “I’m Milton, your brand-new son!”

The title appears.

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

Its basically just Duckula so… sure, maybe.

What Did I Find on Wikipedia?

Milton Monster was the headliner and talked like Jim Nabors (who is way cool). I hope you like unfortunate depictions of race because the show includes a Fu Manchu parody (Dr. Goo Fee) and a wacky cowboy with an “Indian” sidekick with an Irish accent.

In addition there’s “Penny Penguin” about a bratty penguin girl, “Muggy Doo, Boy Fox”, which is the most made up title I could imagine and an even more made up title that I kind of want to see, “Stuffy Durma the Millionaire Hobo”

starring a nouveau-riche hobo who resisted the attempts of valet Bradley Brinkley to get some culture and breeding.

The show was created by Hal Seeger, whose most significant work is “Out of the Inkwell” featuring Koko the Clown, which was a series of films in the silent era of film.
Fan Art

Yeah and… they are pretty good.


Johnny Unusual

Mr. Magoo

We’ve done one Mr. Magoo show already and now here’s the more vanilla variety.

We begin with Magoo driving and honking, his eyes open wide. We then see he’s on some train tracks and drives over a moving train like it is a ramp. He makes it over and yells “Road hog!” behind him.

Magoo then crashes through a fence, haystack and barn, respectively, and exits on a bucking bull. His car lands on its wheels (literally, as they had come off) and he bounces into a pig’s wallowing grounds.

His wipers remove some of it and then he crashes into a fire hydrant, which cleans it off while Magoo holds aloft an umbrella. His car is then carried off by the swaying hook of a crane and… look, Magoo’s refusal to wear glasses is a lot of the problem here but this seems solely the responsibility of the crane operator.

It launches him up but his descent is slowed by his umbrella (at this point I’m curious how much he knows is going on. Is he actually nearsighted or just a reckless jerk). He lands on a rollercoaster and ends up playing a game of chicken with the passengers.

His car moves off the tracks and onto some powerlines, where he crashes into a transformer and presumably dies.

We then see Magoo passing by his own title, sticking his eyes through the two “O”s of the title.

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

Not really. This is one of those characters I still have something of a soft spot for despite being questionable but still…

What Did I Find on Wikipedia?

The Magoo character was originally conceived as a mean-spirited reactionary

His near-sightedness was supposed to be a metaphor for his more intangible failings as a man.

Fan Art


Johnny Unusual

Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor

I’m somewhat aware of the latter show but not so much the former.

We begin with the great white whale, a symbol of self-destructive revenge… I think (never read the book) jumping up and diving back into the water. We then see the title “Moby Dick”, just there to piss off the literati.

We then see a superhero caveman. Clearly thinking “NOT GOOD ENOUGH”, he raises his club, which shoots a beam with a classic laser sound which adds “And Mighty Mightor” to the title.

We then see shark men riding other sharks. Moby Dick rams into them and fucking explodes.

Just as Herman Melville envisioned.

It is then we see Mightor flying down to bully an ape with “Stop hitting yourself”.

The fist seamlessly wipes to a dino stampede. Mightor looks on, sees another dinosaur runs the other way, then gets between them to stop them from fighting, because he… doesn’t like the dinosaurs fighting, I guess. Then he throws one away. How do you decide which one is the bad guy in this situation? Why are EITHER of them?

We then see a little boy dressed as Mightor sitting on a bird that’s also wearing a mask. In case someone recognizes it, I guess.

We then see Mightor beat up an ogre-type thing, then carrying off Mini-Mightor who looks… very rigid.

Mightor then grabs a pterdonactyl or something by the beak and throws it at a bunch of others because FUCK THOSE GUYS, I guess.

The intro then ends with Mightor holding his club aloft and rising to the air. The end…

Wait, didn’t this have a whale?

Next we have an interstitial intro to the Mightor cartoon.

We start with a T-Rex on a thin branch bridge trying to menace an old man.

“While on a hunting trip, Tor and his faithful companion Tog rescue an ancient hermit.”

And sure enough, a guy who kind of looks like Namor and his winged chubby dino knock down the log. Good thing the scenario meant it was really easy to kill the terrible thunder lizard but I mean, let’s not prolong the origin story I guess.

The ancient Hermit does look pretty terrified, BTW.

“Grateful, the old man give Tor a club, which possesses great powers.”

That happens. You don’t even need me this time.

“Tor raises the club and becomes Mightor and Tog is transferred into a firebreathing dragon.”

That but also… transferred? Not transformed? I hope he wasn’t put INSIDE the dragon.

Also, Tog looks the same. But with fire breathing. So it doesn’t seem like he was transferred or formed. Just… given a neat power.

“Together, they become champions of good and the nemesis of evil.”

Then they just incinerate some dinosaurs for apparently no reason.

“Mightor!” yells Mightor

There’s also something that is apparently closing credits but I’m not interested.

But I did find an interstitial for Moby Dick, the cartoon that both headlines the show but also seems like the show actually isn’t invested in. In fact, I don’t know if anyone is. This is the best quality video I could find.

We see two boys in underwater suits on a little raft.

“When a typhoon suddenly strikes, Tom and Tub are swept miles away the aquas vessel the Sea Explorer and find themselves in uncharted waters surrounded by menacing sharks.”

Sure enough, all that happens and a tiny shark even hops out of the water to threaten them.

“When all seems lost, they’re rescued by the giant white whale Moby Dick.”

He beats up the shark and then shakes off the water like a dog.

“Tom and Tub happily realize they have found a new friend who will protect them as they face the perils of the deep together.”

The kids ride on the whale back above and then below water. Tub is almost definitely the more obese child. Someone in his life is cruel.

Did It Make Me Want To Watch It?

Mightor, I guess.

What Did I Find on Wikipedia?

Despite Moby's name coming first, he had only one short per half-hour episode, sandwiched between two with Mightor

Also, apparently the original Space Ghost cartoon had a story arc called the Council of Doom where he met both series cast due to time travelling. I want to see it now.

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