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The Better Call Saul Thread - Guilty as Cinnabon

Johnny Unusual

Oh, and best set design goes to Howard's funeral slathered in pictures of him doing outdoorsy stuff where he has the same fucking smile in each one.

Johnny Unusual

A nice little touch from the early seasons; Howard is constantly calling Jimmy "Charlie Hustle", commending him on his work ethic and constantly crowing about how he gave him the well-deserved nickname. Charlie Hustle was the nickname of Pete Rose, one of the greatest baseball players... who was also permanently banned from the sport and the hall of fame for gambling. Like Jimmy, undeniably talented but tainted by his rule breaking forever. Howard definitely thinks it's just a compliment because he's the kind of guy who... misses these kinds of nuances.

R.R. Bigman

Coolest Guy
It is something to remember that Saul is the one who introduced Walt and Jesse to Gus, Mike and “The Game” proper.