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I’m going to make some hot sauce soon. My brother suggested putting tequila in it. I’m intrigued by the suggestion but don’t know anything about tequila. In these COVID times anything I learn about tequila will have to be done at home, and I don’t want to go buy a bunch of expensive spirits if I can avoid it.

Anyone know anything about tequila and can offer any advice for how to cook with it?


I'm not a tequila expert but if you are going to cook with it I'd follow the same advice that they give for wine and oil. If you wouldn't drink/eat it on its own, don't cook with it.

Basically, that means go with mid shelf stuff. When it comes to types silver/blanco tequila is just the liquor, it's going to be slightly sweet and give the most agave taste. Reposado/Anejo are aged longer (Reposado is two months to a year, Anejo is I think at least a year but less than three or four) and so will have some woody/oaky flavors and a more mild sweetness.


Arm Candy
did anyone else hear the song by The Champs when they saw this thread

well, in case you didn't