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Talking about British Comedians!


Worthless Physicist
Hey! So there's a lot of ways to watch shows featuring British Comedians on youtube! A lot of these comedians are viewable on Netflix, too.

I'm talking about the likes of Dara O'Briain, Jimmy Carr, Rhod Gilbert, Greg Davies, Russel Howard, and even Jack Whitehall.

My favorite British comedian of all times is James Acaster, who has a four-piece special up on Netflix. The moment I saw him on "Mock the Week", I said to myself "This is the guy for me. I love this guy's style." (I watch Mock the Week a lot when I'm bored, especially today, when the problems of yesterday look so simple compared to today). I'm still a fan, and was telling everyone about his netflix series when it came out. I also own both of his books in audiobook form. I'm tempted to say that he's my favorite living comedian, but I don't want to have to pick between him and John Mulaney. They're different, but both really good.

If you want to watch something that's completely legal on Youtube, I'd have to recommend Taskmaster. Here's their official channel! Series 7 features my fave, Acaster. Other good things to look for on youtube (hey, these are all uploads of TV shows so I feel justified in putting it here) are QI, 8 out of 10 cats, 8 out of 10 cats does countdown, Richard Osman's house of games, and the 'big fat quiz' yearlies. Also, Richard Ayoade's Travel Man, which you can see on Hulu.

So yeah, talk here about which British comedians you like and how best to see them. Also, we don't have to just talk about the new kids; we can talk about Monty Python as well.


did i do all of that?
My wife loves British panel shows, and Joe Wilkinson cracks me up nearly every time he's on like 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown or whatever. I've never seen any of his standup but thinking about it now I'd like to.

Romesh Ranganathan was hilarious on whatever series of Taskmaster he was on as well. Does deadpan exceptionally well.

Exposition Owl

Hoot, indeed!
I'm a big fan of David Mitchell, and therefore of Would I Lie to You? The "David Mitchell's Soapbox" series on YouTube is hilarious.


False is the dawn that promises anything
Eddie Izzard's "Dressed To Kill" was a staple in my house. We used to watch it pretty regularly, to the point of reciting the entire routine.

"For example, you pronounce it 'erbs' and we pronounce it 'herbs'....because there's a fucking 'H' in it."


I cuss you bad
The Mitchell and Webb show is fantastic, as is their other series, Peep Show.

I love Harry Hill, and have seen him live, but it takes a bit to synch up with his sense of humour as it's incredibly surreal.