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SaGa Frontier Remastered


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Was deciding between Romancing SaGa 3 and SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions yesterday and earlier today. Went with Scarlet Grace in the end, mainly 'cuz the streamlining makes it a lot easier to pop into and out of when I'm alternating with a more hands-on RPG like SaGa Frontier.

Rolling with Taria right now and so far I'm enjoying it. My only complaint is that it has a mandatory "Connect a controller" screen to get through before you can play even though it can otherwise be played entirely via touch.

I may talk about it more in the other SaGa thread later. Or maybe make a thread.


I haven’t played a ton of Scarer Grace but it is definitely one of the best games in the series, and imo the best realization of the compact open world RPG that I’ve seen. My only caveat would be that it’s difficult, though not unfairly so.

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I finished Blue and Red's scenarios, have started Lute, the final one of the original set for me.

Red scenario is the worst one. It features several... questionably designed segments. I think it would be better as a Live A Live scenario.

Doll kicks ass, it's tragic she's stuck in Red's scenario. Captain Hamiliton also kicks ass, and it's tragic she's stuck in Lute's scenario. In an ideal world, I would like the "freebie" characters in the Scrap pub to be different for every character.

I encountered a weird bug where Doll just... Forgot to run out of ammo? Every time she hit 0 bullets in here Lethal Dragoons, she could Guns Akimbo Trick Shot again, reducing her bullet count to... 4??? Maybe it's because I had four guns on her? Two Lethal Dragoons and two Agni MBXs.
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Wandered into my first of four emperors (?) with Red bc I think I needed to fight him before doing a rune thing. (Or did I?) Random whether I could safely muddle through it (he could immediately kill most of my time by doing an aoe twice in a row) and then there was a d*ng solo battle? Which seemed Too Hard until I realized I had equipment that neutralized fire.

Anyway, I think I got a Heroic Art after the battle so I don’t need to contrive Red transforming in random battles to get anymore right? The one Heroic Art I had seemed useless compared to anything that cost WP.

As noted, very arbitrary what I’ve decided to spoiler tag, because I don’t understand what people who don’t like spoilers don’t want spoiled. Minor problem I guess.


Pretty sure Alkaiser's special techs can only be used when transformed into Alkaiser, making that the only way to ever glimmer more. You can get BJ&K, EngineerCar, and Rabbit to be a backup party while you grind out Alkaiser techs. It's still contrived but hey.

I guess the other option is to wait until the last dungeon when you're permanently Alkaisered anyway, but saving a grind when you're permalocked into "your stats will never go up" form seems like kind of a bad idea.
Use Bright Fist, or whatever it's called now, until you get Al-Blaster, or whatever it's called now.
Practice Al-Blaster until you get Al-Phoenix, whatever it's called now.
When you fight Metal Black, or whatever he's called now, for the third time in his Metal Alkaiser form, wait until he does Dark Phoenix, or whatever it's called now, and then use Al-Phoenix back at him. It'll transform into Re-Al-Phoenix, or whatever it's called now but honestly I like the "Real Phoenix" wordplay there, the last and best Alkaiser move and arguably the best single move in the game.
In addition to those, you can get Shining Kick and Sparkling Roll from Shining Fist (Bright Fist), and Deflecting Lance from Shining Kick.

I just finished Red's scenario today. It gives a nice tour of the world, contextualizes a lot of areas that seem to have no purpose for other characters, and showcases all four races pretty well, while delivering the closest thing to normal JRPG plot and progression in SaGa Frontier. It was the first one I played in the original, and it's still one of my favorites.

Something I've been thinking about while playing this game again is how its reception might have benefited from a feature some of the later SaGa games have, where they try to guide you to the characters best suited to you. Unlimited Saga does it by showing a little blurb describing each character and their scenario, and Scarlet Grace has a personality quiz thing at the beginning and suggests a character based on that. But the structural differences between scenarios in those games aren't as pronounced as Frontier's; I don't really think someone who starts with Laura or Urpina, the generally most recommended first characters in those games, is much more likely to come away with a good first impression of them, but I could definitely see someone who picks Riki or Lute first in Frontier being put off by issues they wouldn't encounter at all with other characters.


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unlimited definitely goes for a similar thing to frontier, but it's less pronounced between having fewer clear mechanical/structural gimmicks to go between the stories and the general difficulty of parsing the game on a first playthrough, which no character particularly reduces. but some definitely enhance it by having especially difficult areas early on

laura's story is pretty straightforward, and judy's is as well, with the bizarre wrinkle that (as far as i know) you aren't ever able to buy equipment which casts spells from shops. mythe's is also linear, but has the most difficult bosses in the game (combined with his party's low lp) and only starts with guns, (which you can remedy instantly, but you won't be able to win a battle with only the guns if you can't already play the reels). also there's a quest near the start where i think a lot of people didn't realize you don't have to fight a super hard boss who's in the area, hahaha

ruby gains a unique character and has to go to every wonder in her story, as i've heard, but otherwise is still pretty normal. ventus can keep doing quests via the carrier's guild virtually indefinitely, making him the easiest character to raise shop/battle/reward ranks with. (other characters can keep failing missions over and over to raise some of those things, but will use up resources and make no progress by doing so.) kurt's a bit like asellus; the story progression follows intermittently as you freely go around doing stuff, though much more rigidly since you have to "pass" quests to get stronger. also, you unrelatedly get attacked in no-stakes battles constantly the whole game, and if you beat the second to last one you can go to the last dungeon before finishing enough sidequests to get the other scenes. i think if you beat the last one it also goes away, but i didn't, so. also, you have to do one of the most confusing quests in the game with only two characters as like your second or third one while all of that other stuff is happening. (i played it second. i probably would've quit the game if i tried it first.) and armic's is similarly a bit like riki's from what i've heard; you're supposed to find stuff and there aren't so many structured/main quest elements, although rather than a specific macguffin item i understand it's more like "[x] material" that you might craft or find already in the form of a loot weapon. (it is the other one described as being pretty hard, so that's also like riki...)
Well, I'm at the final boss of Asellus, but it seems like there's some additional stuff I haven't seen, so I'm going to go hunt for that. Though I suppose it could be one of those cases where I've already missed the cutoff? We shall see!