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Random food ads continue to be random.


Find Your Reason
If he turned 21 in peanut years in just 6 human months, they'll have to hold another peanut funeral in pretty short order.

Especially if he jumps right into alcoholism.

Especially if he goes to a bar without a mask or social distance.


Smol Monster
(She/her, they/them)
They're still pushing this new mascot, huh? I thought the reaction was an almost universal FUCK OFF AND DIE, BRAND.


say "fish don't exist" to my face, motherfucker
seeing this aged me 21 years so maybe it's physiologically reasonable

Tiers in Rain

Gaming Replicant!
This is a fairly standard Kraft Mac and Cheese commercial. Yet, the music is Enya. Enya! Not only that but this particular song was used in a video tribute at one time to 9/11 victims and since that time I forever associate this song with that. It's very awkward to hear in this context.



..and his little cat, too
Criminy, Hamill is such a freaking treasure.

So is Stewart, don't get me wrong, but Hamill is the one who's got my sides splitting in this instance.