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Popularity Contest #46: The Quest for Peace

Lists. In the best hands, it is dangerous. In the hands of , it is pure evil.

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Johnny Unusual

If you don't know what this is, we like to put together crowd sourced lists of our favourite things and see what comes out on top. We've done Monsters, Tabletop Games and Fictional Settings to name a few but we are looking forward. And you get to help choose the next one by voting!

Now let's look at the future choices...

Top 50 TMNT Mutants, Munchies, and Miscellanea - @Dracula
Top 50 Video Game Weapons/Power-Ups - @Beta Metroid

Here are also some general rules:

1) The vote will go on for four days and you can vote for one topic and can change your votes at any time.
2) If you vote for something PLEASE do so with the intent of participating. I certainly relate to voting for a topic you think is neat but don't feel you could contribute much too. And its fine if you vote and maybe find later you don't have the time. Things happen. But if you vote for one you might not want to actually contribute to, you might not be alone. We want the winner to have as many contributors as possible, thus making it more fun.
3) Please do not crap on anyone's choices or submissions. Its cool to talk about your preferences and even try to convince people why one choice is good but please don't mock other choices or try to hector people into voting for a specific choice. It just makes a fun thing less fun. However, if you have legitimate concerns about a specific topic, perhaps for reasons someone didn't consider, like sensitivity reasons or a possible problematic nature, don't hesitate.

I think that's it. I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free do discuss them below.

Johnny Unusual

You guys have until Saturday morning to figure out what you want. Plus, on Monday, I'll get us to 10 on my list, meaning the new thread will be ready for posting.


Summon for hire
Decided to just abstain since I’m down for either. I probably have more input on game power ups, but a Drac/Lokii joint is always amazing so win-win.

Johnny Unusual

Close race but @Dracula and @Lokii will be hosting the next one. I don't know what miscellanea entails but if I have to guess....