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Popularity Contest #37 and the Last Crusade

The man with the hat is back.

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Johnny Unusual

We are on the other side of the worst year and, yeah, things are still rough, but I have hopes that things will get better. For example BRAND NEW POPULARITY CONTEST CHOICES. We have six people who gave us six choices and all of them look like different kinds of cool. Here are your choices!

Top 50 Cartoon Characters - Johnny Unusual
Top 50 Fictional Romantic Relationships - Positronic Brain
Top 50 Fictional Skeletons - Octopus Prime
Top 50 Office Supplies - Mogri
Top 50 Plants - Kirin
Top 50 Scams and Cons - Bulgakov

Here are also some general rules:

1) The vote will go on for four days and (assuming I didn't make any mistakes) you can vote for two topics and can change your votes at any time.
2) If you vote for something PLEASE do so with the intent of participating. I certainly relate to voting for a topic you think is neat but don't feel you could contribute much too. And its fine if you vote and maybe find later you don't have the time. But if you vote for one you might not want to actually contribute to, you might not be alone. We want the winner to have as many contributors as possible, thus making it more fun.
3) Please do not crap on anyone's choices or submissions. Its cool to talk about your preferences and even try to convince people why one choice is good but please don't mock other choices or try to hector people into voting for a specific choice. It just makes a fun thing less fun. However, if you have legitimate concerns about a specific topic, perhaps for reasons someone didn't consider, like sensitivity reasons or a possible problematic nature, don't hesitate.

I think that's it. I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free do discuss them below.


I tried to vote for four things and it wouldn't let me. So, I think you did it right.

Johnny Unusual

Does larger machines that you don't have at your desk count, like the breakroom fridge or the printer? Or if not printer, ink and toner? Or does it have to be little things that you could have around your desk?

EDIT: For skeletons, can it include someone who has an exposed skull but a fleshy body? Or a character dressed up like a skeleton, like this


Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
As per always when I host a top 50, the answer is to listen to your heart;

If you freely associate something with “skeleton”, then, buddy, you go right ahead

Johnny Unusual

For romantic relationships, can triangles et al be included? Not talking poly, which I assume is a given, but more the will they/won't they between three or more parties.

Positronic Brain

Out Of Warranty
For romantic relationships, can triangles et al be included? Not talking poly, which I assume is a given, but more the will they/won't they between three or more parties.
Yes. And qualifying relationships don't even have to be "canon" as long as you can make a good faith argument that's something there. Key word here is "relationship", though - one-way pining wouldn't count.


Yes, that Russian author.
Just have to say I am loving both the variety and the creativity of these list topics. This is a great set to choose from overall!


Yes, that Russian author.
I just want to publicly state that nobody should consider it "weird" if Office supplies somehow loses 5 votes in the next 24 hours. Nothing untoward going on here.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
I am excited to find out all our surprisingly strong opinions on office supplies!
Don't make me cut you...

...with a pair of model 30036 Desk TECH Multipurpose Utility Stainless Steel Scissors.