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Pokémon Unite: PokeMOBA


Summon for hire
I've gotten sucked into a lot of Pokemon spin-off games, but I've never actually understood MOBAs because I am an old, so I'll probably sit this one out...
I'll definitely try this. I had my time in the sun with MOBAs, but if they do enough to make it breezy to jump in and out of then I'm for it. It'll have the same problem as every other MOBA in that I won't dedicate near the time I need to be good or even explore being good, but this is also probably something I could play with my partner while they have their kids and such.
I've gotten sucked into a lot of Pokemon spin-off games, but I've never actually understood MOBAs because I am an old, so I'll probably sit this one out...
MOBAs are great, just so long as you come in with the right attitude and there's robust enough matchmaking so you aren't getting curbstomped by smurfs or ppl way above your pay grade.

To me, the appeal is that they're RPGs, where you condense a 60 hour grind-a-thon into 30 mins or so. But instead of replaying the same game over and over, each one offers you a brand new experience like you're playing a fighting game - since nobody plays the same way, and the variety of characters to play always mixes things up.

They definitely can have steep learning curves, and when you're getting pooped on it's no fun. But I've rarely had as much fun in video games as pulling off some crazy stunt in a moba and winning the game off of it. They can be very rewarding experiences.

In my experience, these kinds of kid-friendly versions are a lot more simple to get into vs your LoLs and DOTAs. But being kid-friendly also means there's also likely a lack of depth in the mechanics that really gives these games long lasting legs.



Geez this opening really makes you confront how screwed up it is to just attack wild Pokémon and capture them randomly. Especially when they seem to have been rounded up and set loose in a coliseum.

I’m also mildly off-put by the Digimon-esque de-evolving at the start of the match.

This has been Sprite Reacts to Cutscenes Before Work. Thanks for listening.


Seems fun. I love that one of Snorlax’s moves is to fall asleep and heal himself, forcing the other team to walk around him.

No idea if it will hold my attention more than a week or two. I’ll probably be playing with my brother later tonight so we’ll see how it goes!
I'm having a blast with this. Good variety so far, and the way moves progress allow you to actually go through the game different even with the same characters. I haven't played enough to know if there's just always a "right" choice, but it seems like all i've tried are sufficient. Been using a lot of eldegoss, and there definitely is a feel of differentiation in roles. It's annoying getting 20 assists, but ending low on points because i never have anything to slam, but im a team player.


the titular game boy
Having a blast playing it. Managed to crack the Expert rank on the back of Cinderace almost exclusively. Might try Snorlax next, he seems super good
Even more than the game itself, I'm enjoying watching the meta of this game slowly shake out. Which I think is honestly the most interesting/fascinating part of a multiplayer game's lifespan, where it's brand new and nobody knows what to do yet. Pokemon is such a popular and broad property that the majority of people coming in to play this game don't seem to have the first clue of how a MOBA is played, so if you walk in knowing just the most fundamental basics of how to play a MOBA like DOTA or League, you're going to be doing a lot of effortless pub stomping.

People are beginning to explore the intricacies (or lack there of) of the combat system, and woof. Once people start actually learning how to play MOBAs, and anyone too casual to learn such business starts bouncing off the game, there's going to be a reckoning for Unite with regards to how broken/imbalanced some of its systems are. Take for instance, the Held Item system. Like League and other MOBAs, you can equip items out of game that give you small passive boosts. Or at least, they're small initially. These items can be upgraded slowly over time into more powerful boosts. Whjch would take months of intense, dedicated play to even upgrade just a little. But you can also skip the upgrade process completely with boosters paid for with premium F2P currency. And if you whale out on this game, they can actually be game breaking as they are currently designed:

Like, peep this vid. The guy spends $100 and is 2-shoting other pokes at lvl 6. It's completely nasty and is mega dumb. Especially the ones that fully boost crits, movement speed, and attack. Unite is a fun casual experience, especially how games always end after 10 mins. But if they don't fix these kinds of things, I can see the game becoming boring, repetitive, and toxic in a hurry. I've already watched friends of mine do some grotesque fountain farming. I'll be very interested in seeing if this game will be responsive to its player base and tackle these obvious issues, or if the dev will just ignore it until the game becomes a toxic nightmare.
Yea I'm still enjoying it. I'm not running into many people that feel like they're just baseline more powerful, though I'm not that far in (just barely have unlocked item upgrading myself)

It's also funny little people seem to care about roles. Just routinely go into matches with 3 attacking pokemon. I think this game is designed to be open like that anyway (compared to DOTA or LOL), but it's the wild west out there.
The player base so far seems big enough and newbie enough that any whaling shenanigans is probably going to be diluted/seldom come by. And even if you come across someone who cleans your clocks, it's not like DOTA2 where you may have to endure an hour+ of it with no recourse. Games only last a max of 10 mins, and your team can concede too if it's obviously a shitshow. So one bad game won't ruin your day. So for now, I don't think it'll affect most people's enjoyment and the game is still fun. It's just something to keep an eye on IMO as an indicator of if this game is going to receive the kinds of robust support that would give this legs, or if it'll be doomed to being a mercurial flash in the pan.