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Pixel art opinion needed: Adding a fourth ninja turtle


Hi all,

I've recently finished a cross-stitch based on a sprite image from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project. My brother's boyfriend had asked a long time ago for a cross-stitch of "someone surfing" (he's a real beachhead) and for whatever reason my mind went to that game as one of the levels does have you surf around. Luckily, there is a static image in the "intro" to the game which has ol' Raphael surfing, and I figured it would be a much more interesting image to cross-stitch than something based in-game. For reference, here is that image:


Now I've finished the cross-stitch, but something has been bugging me; we've got Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo chillin, but no Donatello! While I would like to assume he is back at the hotel playing a Nintendo Switch, I'm sure some asshole is going to ask either me or my bro's beau why only three of the turtles are representing.

So I've thought about adding Donnie in, handgliding across the sky, based off of a sprite from another Konami game, Track and Field II (noting the original is too large to modify as-is as its scale is too large, so the sprite I've created is effectively shrunk 50%):


To scale, adding it in could look something like this (noting that I've changed the colours to match existing colours in the image):


If I add him in, I've got to commit; if I don't like the look of him, removing him is only going to leave a bunch of holes in the aida cloth.

What I want your opinion of is this:

Should I add the sprite so Donatello can soar the skies in my cross-stitch, or stay true to the original image (/hassel of adding him)? And if I am to add him, what changes (if any) should I add to the sprite so it looks good and fits in?

Thanks for any suggestions/advice!

- Eddie


Summon for hire
Definitely in favor of adding Donatello, and giving the constraints of the existing image the hang-gliding concept is genius. My only quibble is at a distance the new sprite reads a little like a random jet plane flying overhead. Maybe if you dropped Donny another pixel lower? Not sure. Maybe it's fine. Just brainstorming.