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Phoenotopia: Awakening is a gosh darn delight


Still just a dad
Finished! 58(?!) hours and 77% completion. I spent a lot of time just wandering around. Can't believe there's an in-game achievement for rolling credits in under 3 hours.


the titular game boy
Still playin this! Going thru and doing a lot of sidequests and exploring some of the areas beyond the wall I had mostly skipped past. I got myself some Dream Ore, which got me the best bat weapon in the game. Turns out it was at the end of a big long fetch-quest sorta thing, which included using a robot dog to sniff out criminals, playing another game of hide and seek, and getting an advance copy of a thrilling fantasy novel. Fun! I also found two antique pins, one from the original GEO base (which had a segment that required me to maneuver past a Wendigo in dark close-quarters hallway, jesus that was scary). I was able to exchange them for a heart ruby and some lucky earrings that apparently increase drop rates from monsters. Haven't really tried em out much yet though, but I also never felt like monsters weren't dropping stuff enough. Pretty fun stuff.

There's so many more moonstones I want to get. The only normal item I haven't upgraded yet is the Lamp, but I also just found an old busted up Blaster gun, during a revisit of Daea castle. I took it over to Thomas' lab, and turns out that's gonna cost me another 10 moonstones. Also I have the option to give Fran 10 more moonstones, not sure what that will do though since I've already got all the teleporters active, but who knows! I'm sure SOMETHING will happen, because that's just typical Phoenotopia to have an endless amount of stuff!!

Lots of puzzling stuff, still, too. There's a harpy who wants something super shiny, like the shiniest human thing possible, which I am clueless about, and there's still a bunch of lunar artifacts to collect I assume, or at least there's a frying pan there at the museum that seems like something I want to have, not sure how to get it.

There's a few things I'm pretty sure I'll never collect. Like the Archery game in Daea... I don't even understand how it's possible. Maybe having the triple-slingshot helps, or maybe you're supposed to be swapping back and forth between projectiles. I dont know. It's just really hard, and the targets disappear too damn fast to make sense of it.


Still just a dad
I think I'm done for the moment, I ended up with 82% of hearts and energy gems and somewhere in the 60s with moonstones. But what a journey! I never would have guessed that this game would pull me in like it did. If you want to know about those last two items:

Super shiny - Give Fran another 10 moonstones. I'd prioritize this, there's a suuuper helpful item in the area the harpy will bring you to.

Cast Iron Pan - More artifacts! Slows the clock on cooking stuff.