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Owl House, In the Middle Of Our Tweet

Exposition Owl

it's the owliday season
I have a question about the final sequence that I feel very silly about not knowing the answer to:

After the time skip, Willow is wearing a jersey with the letters “EE” on it. What does that stand for? I assume it’s not “electrical engineering,” which is what EE usually means to me.


Great finale all around. I especially liked making it clear that King and the Collector are going to stay friends, which means they'll have each other long after their more mortal friends are gone.

Part of me wonders if the Archivists were originally intended to be the final big bad. They seem like a logical escalation from the Collector.

Side Note (Steven Universe spoilers): I'll always defend how that show ended, but yeah, it's pretty unrealistic. SU Future and Unleash the Light gestured mildly at the idea that some people are beyond saving, but not with anywhere near the force with which Belos is dispatched here.


target for faraway laughter
This show really needed more time, didn't it? Still, I like its finale better than Amphibia's.

The pairing of Hunter and Willow seems pretty appropriate to me. They each found their other half-a-witch!