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Owl House, In the Middle Of Our Tweet


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)

Due out in November


Since I wanna start DRAMA...
I feel like Owl House, Amphibia, and Star Vs. the Forces of Evil seem like an experiment to try and "one up" Cartoon Network's success with Adventure Time and Steven Universe.

Do you feel this is true, and if so, how would you rank these five series and why?

ON second thought- this really deserves its own thread, to be written in after everyone's gotten to digest each series for some time...
Owl House still has its "specials" after all.
From what I've seen of all of the above, I don't really see that? I'd say that whatever they have in common is largely just due to the shared cultural touchstones their creators have in common. Like, if you've got a bunch of 25-40 year old people making a fantasy thing, there's gonna be some D&D3.x flavor to it. Odds are real good they'll all have grown up on Batman and Utena. Etc.
I feel like your disagreement with the premise is predicated on misunderstanding a point of nuance:
I'm not saying that Dana Terrace is trying so-so hard to one up Rebecca Sugar. I'm saying that when it came time to greenlight Dana Terrace's pitch, the executives greenlighting that pitch were looking to one-up Cartoon Network's success.

I also want to share an opinion of a hypothetical average executive:
As an executive, Jeffery Katzenberg is exceptionally petty, but it is not exceptional that he is petty.

Don't read as disagreement, but I feel like Utena might not be as big as we might wish it were. There might be a reason that Utena super resonates with Terrace & Sugar and resonates a little less with me.