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Owl House, In the Middle Of Our Tweet


dirtbag lesbian
Knock Knock Knockin' on Hooty's Door:



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Oh, and called shot: the guy who wrote the book stayed in the Boiling Isles, taught himself magic, and is now the Emperor.

My called shot is that the Emperor isn’t the original human from the book, but rather one of his descendants. One who read about his ancestor and got real pissed for being abandoned. That human got to go home, we know this because the portal worked.

Much like why the Golden Guard doesn’t have any innate magic, cos they’re part human.

Also the Emperor only appeared a scant 50 years ago, when the human arrived hundreds of years ago.

Sure, magic could keep him alive but, why would he wait that long to do his evil Emperor shtick?

Also newest episode: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


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All I can say about the latest episode is that Luz is the person she is, because of her mother.

They’re both incredibly kind people and will never let others to come to harm if they can help it.

Even when they are scared, even when they don’t understand. They both believe in the innate goodness of other people, and will move heaven and earth out of love. Just love

This show is really special.
The last episode was very touching... until you remember how the show started in the first place.

"Honey, why don't you want to live with your mother?"
"Well, sending me off to camp to be cured of my personality wasn't exactly conducive to building a strong mother-daughter relationship."

They threw in that bone about Luz becoming more mature, but that was because she indulged her interest in fantasy, rather than rejecting it to fit neatly into society.


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
So... no one's talking about the bit in the museum where it mention two people being transported to the Demon Realm?


I watched the first episode. Love it! Very cute, very fun, and the message is, of course, great. Very curious where this show is going.

Beta Metroid

At peace
Ooh, I'm caught up again, at least with what's up on Disney plus.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins

Yay, more magic library! And more Amity! I'd had the big moment of this one spoiled for me, but it was still very sweet.

Hunting Palismen

It's nice to see Luz's "leap before she looks" tendencies explored a little more. Also good to learn a bit about Zuko here.

Hooty's Door

I'm not a fan of Hooty. He reminds me of a classic comedy character type that I never like: the one who trounces all over a protagonist's personal space, doesn't respect their wishes, and generally makes life tough on them. But they're doing it all through affection/a desire to help, so when the protagonist gets impatient or angry with their continued unwanted action, the narrative wants you to feel sorry for this character and the protagonist has a moment of guilt.

But anyway, despite how the character grates on me, this episode was great, and shockingly rich with development! Eda undergoes one of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi turns: channeling her beast mode/curse for good (earned through some really interesting dream sequences). Luz and Amity work through their fears and have a big moment! King gets a moment as well! Great stuff.

Eclipse Lake

This one was great! Amity pulling out all the stops to prove herself the first time her SO is sick is just relatable to those who have been through that new relationship phase in general. And her belief that she needs to provide results, and that this incident is an "opportunity" is fitting for the environment she was raised in, and it's heartwarming to see her realize that's not how things roll with Luz (and co). Fun character dynamics in this one overall...it's amusing to see the golden guard bouncing off good guys who don't have Luz's patience for him. And there's some great action animation!

Yesterday's Lie

I agree with Arugula's comment: this is a really sweet episode that finally starts exploring the relationship that kicked off this show. But I did not expect Luz to be framed as completely in the wrong. I imagine that it's mostly exploring the guilt felt from her point of view, and that it won't be the last word on the matter.

Show's good!
Beta: Personally, I have a dim view of the mother.

She spent her time in the pilot trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole, then in Yesterday's Lie, forced her daughter to return from Hieronymus Bosch Land with emotional manipulation, and never go back. It caused Luz a lot of discomfort, reuniting with her second family only to realize that she was bound by an unfair promise to reject them and their world later.

I mean, it's clear that Luz's mother is a loving woman, but she's also clingy and controlling, perhaps due to her husband leaving her. What's the deal with that guy, anyway? Is he just a red herring, of no great importance, or was he a magic user himself, explaining Luz's hidden talents and her loopy, unconventional personality? Luz's mother is so muggle it hurts... the kid must have gotten her interests in fantasy and the supernatural somewhere.


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All I am going to say is that I cannot disagree more, ArugulaZ.

But everyone has their opinions.