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Owl House, In the Middle Of Our Tweet


dirtbag lesbian
Soooooooo The Owl House is on the cusp of finishing its first season. Anyone else watching? I've been big into it since the start, but ever since the recent revelation that it's officially the gayest thing in the Disney canon, I've just fallen in love.

Mr Bean

Chief Detective
I am. The last few episodes have really pulled me in so I went back and watched the whole series from the beginning. Good story, great characters, and the animation is drop dead gorgeous for big important moments. The Grom dance fight and the witches’ duel from the latest episode :chef’s kiss:.

Exposition Owl

Hoot, indeed!
This show was actually one of the primary reasons I signed up for Disney+, and I felt like an idiot when I realized that it wasn't actually on Disney+ yet. I am so eager to start watching it that I am actually bouncing up and down in my chair.


I've been really enjoying this show, especially the last few episodes. I'm excited for the finale tomorrow, and whether in this episode or in the next season I do hope Amity gets to tell Luz how she feels soon.


dirtbag lesbian
Watched the season finale; I really appreciate that they're committed to getting outside of comfortable character archetypes and changing the status quo with this show.

Also, Luz's magic doesn't work in the human world, huh? Can't imagine that'll be important later...