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Lines I Like in Lucksmiths Lyrics


Red Plane
I’ve still got the alarm clock that you bought me for my birthday
And I wake up at nine
There’s no present like the time

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I don't know the Lucksmiths well enough to quote any lyrics, but this thread has gotten "The Music Next Door" stuck in my head for the last couple days (a good thing).


Red Plane
I’m glad someone else knows the band, at least. Wasn’t sure how this thread would land. The Lucksmiths were definitely my favourite band for a while there, and are still high on the list. I like almost all of their songs, and can only think of one that I would say I actively dislike (“Are you having a good time?!?!”). I’m a big fan of their sound as well as the lyrics, probably even before the lyrics for the most part. It hasn’t happened in a while since there haven’t been any new Lucksmiths songs in ten years, but I used to quite often be listening to some song of theirs that I’d heard many times and suddenly a perfect line that I’d never noticed before would jump out at me.

For the thread it’ll probably mostly be wordplay sort of lines I’ll be posting. Things that I think can stand up without the music. They had a knack for lines that were both really dumb and really clever, at least in my opinion. The “Friday night” line above is one that’s sort of stupid, but magnificently so.

“The Music Next Door” is a song I really like, but I’m not sure what line I would highlight out of it. I think my favourite is “Then/from in the wings/a neighbour sings”, but it needs the song around it to come off.

Anyways, I hope you/anyone else enjoy the thread. Here’s a picture I got of the band’s old website about the lyrics: