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JRPG Thunderdome - Turntable-Based

Johnny Unusual


Johnny Unusual

Okage and Etrian are tied! Tie breaker needed! Otherwise, it's a coin flip.

But Wild ARMs moves on.
Match 43
Torzelbaum is telling us his Undertale with Bonetrousle while @WildcatJF asks Ys VIII and hopes Sunshine Coastline won't do and die.


Match 44
@Solitayre visits with Lufia and the Fortress of Doom and the Last Duel while Issun stays Nier: Automata with Amusement Park.


Johnny Unusual

Ys not let Lufia proceed to the next round.
Match 45
@pudik is Earthbound, even with the Sky Runner while YangusKhan knows the Secret of Mana and specifically the Secret of the Arid Sands.

Match 46

I won't let go of my Final Fantasy VI of Opera Overture while Issun is really down to Earthbound with Boy Meets Girl.


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????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Come on, Johnny. Do you think we're just a bunch of NPCs who are just waiting for the next plot trigger?

Johnny Unusual

The Secret of Mana? Final Fantasy VI!

And now Final Fantasy Vs. Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger Vs. Chrono Trigger. Round 3 ends here.
Match 47
SpoonyBard will almost certainly be voting for Final Fantasy VI again considering Searching for Friends is his pick while @Balrog hopefully will turn up to vote Final Fantasy IX and "A Place to Call Home". BTW, sorry Spoony, your link was scrubbed so I hope you approve of the one I found.

Match 48
Then it's Chrono Trigger. Not only Chrono Trigger but covers. Of the SAME SONG! Thanks @narcodis and Dark Medusa.