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JRPG Thunderdome - Turntable-Based

Johnny Unusual

The winners... are the ones going to the final round!

It ends here!

No more words, save I'll summon everyone to the final round!

@Torzelbaum @Issun @Peklo @WildcatJF @q 3 @narcodis @pudik @SpoonyBard @Solitayre @Alixsar @Balrog @YangusKhan @Dark Medusa
Final Round
Match 55

See you in 24 (or later) for the winner!


A Bard Named SPOONY
That certainly is a track to nearly make me consider voting against my own nom. Nearly.

Searching for Friends


Summon for hire
Two of my fave tracks of all time.

So I guess I better bring it back to a tie by voting for Friends.

Johnny Unusual

7-6, the winner is GuitarWanker90's cover of Into the Wilderness!


I want to thank everyone for participating and congrats to Torzelbaum for having your pick win!

I got some great choices here and it's always fun to host these!


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
I want to thank everyone for participating and congrats to Torzelbaum for having your pick win!
Thank you. And thanks to everyone who voted for my pick and participated. And thanks to Johnny for running this dome. And let me thank Michiko Naruke for the original song and GuitarWanker90 for his great cover (he has lots of great video game music covers - I highly recommend checking them out).

*drives offs ... you know where*