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JRPG Thunderdome - Turntable-Based

Johnny Unusual

Searching for Friends, whom I also call my Big Band.

Round 4
Match 49
Torzelbaum flexes his Wild Arms Into the Wilderness and @q 3 searches the Etrian Mystery Dungeon for the Porcelain Forest.

Match 50
WildcatJF wants us to know that Lacrimosa means requiem. Neat, huh? Anyway, Sunshine Coastline. And @Solitayre visits Lufia and the Fortress of Doom and asks for one Last Duel.



A Bard Named SPOONY
Oh damn I missed yesterday, lucky for me my track made it through. Whew!

Into the Fortress of Doom


Into the Sunshine

I love the Etrian soundtracks but that song is one of my least favorites and that rendition sounds like Naruto recap music lol.

Johnny Unusual

WYld ArmS!

Match 51
Yangus Khan Knows the Secret of the Mana Sands while my Final Fantasy (VI) is an Opera Overture


Match 52
Spoony Bard Searching for Friends is also his Final Fantasy (VI) while @narcodis is horny on Main Theme from Chrono Trigger.



Summon for hire
Don’t make me choose between my children like this, what kind of monster are you.

Johnny Unusual


Final Fantasy rolls a natural VI (which is better than it sounds)

Match 53
We near the end. Torzelbaum pulls out his Wild Arms and fires Into the Wilderness in the direction of the Sunshine Coastline where WildcatJF is playing his Lacrimosa of Dana.


Match 54

Meanwhile me and Spoony are in our shared Final Fantasy (VI), Searching for Friends to an Opera Overture, irrespectively.