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It'sa me, Kaizo Mario!


can stop, will stop
So I did play Gambol today (90 minutes, did not play the optional post-game shell level), and for better or worse I thought it was Just Alright. The platforming was generally smooth, but nearly every single section had One Particular Obstacle where I felt like the creator tried too hard to be clever and instead it just seemed very hard to read. I don't think it was a bad hack by any means -- the soundtrack was great, the color palettes are top notch, and there are cool levels in there -- but ultimately I just didn't jibe with the creator's style. Maybe I was just in a bad mood today. Either way, you can tell a lot of effort went into the hack, and I think a lot of people will enjoy playing it.


Staff member
So good news! I have been wearing wrist braces at night every night since my carpal tunnel diagnosis, and my hands and wrists feel better! So expect me to stream some kaizo again soon.

I plan on finally finishing New Comfort Zone, then move on to Dram because lincoln can't be the only one here to beat that game.


can stop, will stop
That's great! Are they sending you to any kind of PT too? That was gigantic for me, along with a doing a bunch of stretches at home (which I still do).

Meanwhile, I'm 8 exits into Halo 14 - Side A and having a great time. Setups are fresh and very clever, and they're generally very legible. There's maybe one vertical autoscroller too many for my taste, but so far I would definitely recommend it.


can stop, will stop
Wrapped up Halo 14 today. For the most part, it's a great hack! I didn't really care for the final two levels so much but on the whole, this one's absolutely worth playing. I didn't keep track of my playing time at all, but I want to say it was maybe 4-ish hours? One way or another, it was relatively quick and well put together.