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If I was stinkin' rich I'd totally fill a room with Spider-Man toys. And I know my mom would definitely have her own Egypt room.
Honestly now that I think about it I’d probably try and finance a crappy game system, too. Though I like to imagine I’d be more transparent about it.

Please look forward to the Sprite Sprite, the two-screen handheld controlled entirely by opening and closing the clamshell.


But it already had games. Those RF NFC NFT cards are totally going to work on the hardware that's definitely still happening you guys.

(thank you for the update Kazin)


Fearful asymmetry
It's a bad sign when the games that were supposed to be released exclusively for the Amico are now being considered for release elsewhere. Like how Tempest 2000 was a killer app for the Atari Jaguar, until the 250,000 units sold convinced Atari to sell it for the far more successful (relatively) Sega Saturn and turn the Jaguar shell into dental equipment.

Johnny Unusual