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Hot Sauce and Salsa


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I like Herdez Casera salsa, just shy of 'medium' heat and lacks the huge chunks of veggies that I don't like in my salsas.


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
Old Bay Hot Sauce is now a permanent product.



I use El Pato on a lot of things. If I'm not using El Pato I'm using Pepper Plant. I prefer a non-vinegar based hot sauce.



Church key the can open and then I either pour it straight from the can or transfer to a sealable bowl and use a spoon. Depends on what I'm dressing. Never lasts long though. I'm always buying cans.


Plastic Vampire
If you have a Trader Joe's in your area, this hot sauce is absolutely worth the inconvenience of going into a Trader Joe's:



Summon for hire
Ehhhh, it's a hot sauce, I'll bet it's fine well past its "best by" date.

Meanwhile it's not *really* a hot sauce but my partner recently picked up a bottle of some kind of mustard bbq sauce, which isn't really a category I've used before, and damn, it turns out it goes really well on a whole lotta things.