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Now that Seattle has a team I'll actually pay more attention! I know there's some hockey die-hards here, so let's go!


The DRKest Roe
(He, Him)
Managed to catch the last 10 mins of the Kraken game. Even though they lost it was exciting. I've always thought hockey was fun to watch but not having a team to root for made it hard to get invested. Now I can enjoy it more.
I watched the first period and then got to doing other stuff. Glad the Kraken almost pulled it out at the end against a really good Vegas team.


Ell eye ell why, ee ee ell why
Oilers looking to be in dang good form against the Canucks tonight, and keeping the tradition of fighting alive


Wait what ESPN 2 is showing women's hockey?! How long has this been a thing!? I swear none of the games were being aired other than in weird fees when I last looked a couple years ago. But maybe the change from the NWHL to being the Premier League did something?
The Kraken made the playoffs in their sscond year ever, and then proceeded to defeat the defending champs. Not bad.

Dark Medusa

Diamond Crusader
I've been happy to see the Kraken be relevant this year! My Sabres also looking to be relevant as soon as next year!