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Hey Everybody Everybody! Let's keep talking about Homestar Runner Dot com!


A Bard Named SPOONY
Or, I guess, its Youtube channel? That and the Strong Bad Actual Twittar is where to go for your StrongBadiaverse entertainment nowadays.

Like this how-to-do videro!

Or this behind-the-scenes type look at that totally still in production Stinkoman game!

Yeah we have that thread what was commandeered to be a Homestar Runner quote-em-up but we still needs a real actual place to post new content whenever it materializes out of the aether.


Could be a fren
Am I the only one that, when anyone brings up marzipan (the almond paste), I want to say "Hey Mawzipan" and then don't and am sad because I realize no one will know what the heck I'm talking about?


A Bard Named SPOONY
I honestly didn't know marzipan was an actual thing until after my exposure to Homestar Runner.

I STILL think it's weird that marzipan is an actual confection.