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Goodbye Al - RIP Dean Stockwell

Mr Bean

Chief Detective
Dean Stockwell has passed away. He was 85.
The man had a storied career spanning decades across multiple genres, but I saw that he passed and immediately thought of Al. I loved Quantum Leap as a kid and I always looked forward to Al showing up.
RIP sir.

Paul le Fou

Pickle Bus Owns Tulip Town
Since Dune is in the news, it's worth pointing out that he played Dr. Yueh in the 1984 Lynch adaptation, too.


perfect world
That's a shame. He stole every scene he was in as Brother Cavil in BSG, he was a great actor.

I think BSG is the only thing I've seen him in as I never watched Quantum Leap, but yeah, he was great in that role. Spot-on comedic timing when given a funny line, and a real memorable banger of a monologue about his contempt at having been made in humankind's image when as a machine he could be so much more.|