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Ghasts Aren't Ghouls - Arkham Horror: The Card Game


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I've been playing a lot of the Arkham Horror LCG lately, especially via Tabletop Simulator thanks to the whole plague business going on. With a little over 80 plays under my belt, the game has managed to secure a spot in my top 10 favorite board/card games of all time. I wasn't a huge fan of the Arkham Horror board game proper, and I've enjoyed all of its offshoots more (Mansions of Madness 2e, Elder Sign), but the LCG is at the tip top because it's the most engaging both gameplay- and storytelling-wise of the whole batch.

My group has managed to complete all the cycles up to The Innsmouth Conspiracy, which we're planning on starting once FFG releases all the scenarios for it. In the meantime, we're playing through the "Return" campaigns that have been released so far, and we're having a lot of fun making weird investigator decks and letting them loose upon the unsuspecting eldritch abominations terrorizing the world.

Our current adventure has librarian Daisy Walker taking half of Miskatonic University along with her to carry her various occult tomes in wheelbarrows, boxer Nathaniel Cho running from room to room with a soul-devouring sword taped to his boxing gloves, and musician Jim Culver furiously tooting his trumpet to soothe the party's ever-jangling nerves.

It's good stuff.


A most radical pontiff
Mogri got me into that on the old boards. Wife and I played through night of the zealot and half of dunwich legacy so far. Super fun but the setup makes it tough to just bust out when we are bored.


Workin' real hard to make internet cash.
I usually just set up whatever the next scenario is going to be during off-hours.