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Forums Feature Wishlist


Summon for hire
Thinking about this with LP threads, is there a way to set up the jump to new post functionality (whether through the actual button or just clicking into an already viewed thread) to wait until all the images on the page have loaded? I've noticed that the forums jump to where the new post would be visually if no images were loaded as soon as the forum page loads, which is not always the same as the image loads.
This seems to be a browser-dependent issue in my experience - some browsers will auto-scroll you to keep the correct spot as images load but others don't.


Summon for hire
I assume this is a Xenforo limitation that we can't do anything about, but I was disappointed to find it won't let me start a conversation with myself.

(I was hoping to do it to just make some notes that I could then pick up on another computer without having to use something outside the forum.)