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Football 2021: John Gruden is a Racist

Beta Metroid

At peace
Man, it'd be a rough year if the Lions were the only team I had to root for. It's so nice to have an undefeated college team to root for, especially upon removing the undefeated status from another team nearby! Who knows where this MSU ride will end, but I'm enjoying it very much in the meantime!
Fuck Aaron Rogers. What a complete asshole.
To recap to those not in the know:

Rodgers tested positive for covid. The NFL only does regular covid screenings for its players that aren't vaccinated. So Rodgers is both antivaxx and he got himself the virus. But...! That's not all.

And this was Rodgers back in August when he was asked directly if he'd been vaccinated:

It's been a frequent topic of debate, specially for sports pundits if Rodgers has been justified in how he's treated the Packers over the last several years, or if he's just an asshole. And while one doesn't preclude the other, it's nice to know pretty definitively that yes, the man is indeed a giant, gaping, prolapsed anus of a person.


(Fem or Gender Neutral)
Okay, he's been "immunized", whatever that means? But he also claimed that he's allergic to two of the three vaccines, according to ESPN.

Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday and will miss Sunday's game at the Kansas City Chiefs. On Friday, during a 46-minute appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show," Rodgers said that an allergy to mRNA vaccines prevented him from getting two of the three approved vaccines and that he did not feel comfortable getting the other because of reactions that he had heard about. The use of that vaccine was briefly suspended earlier this year.


The DRKest Roe
(He, Him)
The silver lining to today is that I don't have to care about football anymore this season.

Paul le Fou

Pickle Bus Owns Tulip Town
Seahawks having a bad one out there. Just, rough games top to bottom. The thing is they're not playing that terribly, most of the time, just never quite good enough to win. I guess? I'm not really paying attention because fuck the NFL, but I can't be completely ignorant of it in the house I live in
I had the Patriots defense, Jonathan Taylor and Justin Jefferson on my fantasy team last week so that was good times! Got the high score of the week which gets me $5, and the high score of the season which gets... well, nothing but feels good!

Rascally Badger

El Capitan de la outro espacio
It's been a long time since I complained about announcers, but man was Aikman bad during the Chiefs/Cowboys game this last week. There were at least three or four times he talked about the momentum really swinging in favor of the Cowboys, only for the Cowboys to go 3 and out and punt. Maybe wait for them to actually do something before declaring a major shift in their favor. Combine that with his (and Joe Buck's) love of the taunting penalties, which suck soooo bad, it made the game kind of hard to watch.


Let's 90s gaming
Troy Aikman is garbage and everyone keeps talking about how Troy Aikman is garbage. Yet somehow garbage Troy Aikman keeps on calling games. It's nuts.