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My father told me this would happen

Those are probably my favorites, but the absolute grandslam in the chiptune department recently has been Chips N' Cellos.

I mean goddamn.


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"Town" from the Mega Drive version of The Legend of Heroes II is breathtaking to me.



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Here's a fun one - Mega Man X as done via the Mega Drive soundchip:

In the interest of fairness here's Sonic on the SNES soundchip (not a chiptune, I know)

Edit: We can have Shovel Knight, it was legitimately composed on the VRC6 so it would play on the Famicom:

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Caps On, Hats Off is a chiptunes album by Bossfight that I recently discovered. The album's pretty old by this point (and unfortunately I don't like Bossfight's more recent stuff nearly as much), but I think it's gold from beginning to end.

Another great chiptune song that I love that inspired me to go looking for chiptune music in the first place is the theme song to the What's Good Games podcast. *Mwah*



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I was looking for something on Youtube the other day, and by chance happened to find a chiptune arrangement of Beethoven's "Pathétique" sonata:

It's simultaneously pretty faithful to the original piece and much more bombastic (thanks to the newly-added percussion). Give it a listen!
If you're not familiar with the works of Chipzel, you should absolutely look into her stuff. She's even contributed to some video game soundtracks!



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Yeah, she single-handedly created the soundtrack for Terry Cavanagh's two most recent games, Dicey Dungeons (link goes to her Bandcamp), a good game imho, and Super Hexagon.

I don't like "Tokyo Skies" at all, but I thought DD had a decent, fitting soundtrack for the "hokey game show hosted by the spectacular Lady Luck" surface, and one where the boss themes (tracks 10-12, to wit) weren't as overbearing as in too many other RPGs. On the contrary, I found that they cast the competition as more sympathetic -- more "agonal" than "fatal". I like that a lot.

The ambient music (e.g. "The Grotto", "The Crystal Mountain", "The Ice Stage") was good as well.
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Yes, that Russian author.
If you have not yet checked out Brother Android, you probably should. Evolving and liesurely paced, there's a lot more depth here than you you'd expect on the surface. Very rewarding for multiple listens.

This is one of my favorite albums, but his Bandcamp, linked above, has much more.


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Vaguely related to my previous post in this thread, Classic Chips by Brad Smith is a whole album of chiptune-ified classical pieces. It's pretty good!