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Bethesda / Lucasfilm Games Announce New Indiana Jones game


Round and round I go
Staff member
Zero information in the trailer, huh? I'm interested in this if it retains any of the LucasArts DNA.


the titular game boy
Huh. Yeah, I am curious as to how this will play. If it's more action-oriented I don't know how interested I'll be; I really loved the LucasArts adventure games from forever ago, and a glow-up in the style of those old SCUMM games would be pretty awesome, but I would wager this wont be that.


(He, him)
I expect there to be a good amount of action but I don't want it to be only action set pieces. There's plenty of options for 3D murder simulators out there nowadays so the moments I appreciate most are the ones where I don't have to kill anything. And I don't mean 'cuz a game gave me a tranq gun.

Anyway, I hope a good amount of time in this Indy game will be set aside for research and archaeological pursuits and puzzles. I Wolfenstein II did have stages that were more about the world and B.J.'s past than killing the everything, so maybe...


Find Your Reason
My only disappointment is that this Indie is not going to be developed by Bethesda--I wanted to see the cavalcade of fun bugs like enemies launching into the air for no reason, or partners swimming through the air.


Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
I love the old Indy graphic adventures, but I would describe the odds of this new thing being that as... long.

My best guess is something resembling the recent Tomb Raider games. Seems like it'd be a good fit.