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Best Game Music Forever Thunderdome Remastered: Remake


Could be a fren
Spider's String wins, other match is tied, next new vote wins it. Bracket

It's all God Hand with our first match today, as Torzelbaum's nom, End Credits/Outro goes up against pudik's nom, Smoke Out.

Then we get a matchup with two separate games! Falselogic's nom is Loss Debrief from OG oh-my-god-my-mans-is-all-dead 'em up XCom: UFO Defense. It's up against Vaeran's nom is from the golden age of PSX JRPGs: Fire Wire from Soukagi.

Voting closes at 6:30 PM PST tomorrow.


I will not be stopping
(he / his / him)
Since I forgot to vote, Justice for yesterday.

I'll sample today's in the morning.


behold my godlike
(she/her, or something)
for the second match in a short sequence people nom'd a song i'd be really happy to vote for but like another version/very similar track from the same game more, lol (shoutouts to the AC pick though, i've thought many times about nominating hoshino as his work is incredible and really unusual for game music)



Could be a fren
Winners are Smoke Out and Fire Wire. Bracket

Riot.EXE brings us the Overture from NES great CastlevaniaIII: Dracula's Curse. And it wouldn'tbe a BGMF Domewithout a Tim Follin track. This one is Johnny Unusual's pick: Title Screen Theme from Pictionary for the NES.

After that, Octopus prime nominates Heat Man from Adventures of the Little Blue Boy, Part 2. SpoonyBard nominates the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version of Toby Fox's Undertale's Megalovania.

Voting closes at 6:30 PM PST tomorrow.


Find Your Reason
Man, I have never played Undertale but just from Toby Fox's contribution to PokeSwordShield I knew Heat Man had gotten a raw deal.

Super Picto Bros