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Best Game Music Forever Thunderdome Remastered: Remake


Could be a fren
Passionate Rhythm moves on. The other match is tied, next new vote decides it. As does Obelisk. Bracket

Our first matchup of the day is my pick, Wild Hearts Never Die from Sayonara Wild Hearts versus Krigo's pick, Emiya (Unlimited Blade Works Anime Edition) from Fate/Stay Night. I'm a little confused whether this was in a game or an anime or both, so I'll just let democracy sort it out.

(Embed doesn't work for the Fate/Stay Night video, so please use the link instead.)

Match 2 is Kishi's pick, The Prelude - Reunion from Final Fantasy VII Remake versus RT-55J's pick, Sector Ω from StarFox Zero, but the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version.

Voting closes at 6:30 PM PST tomorrow.
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