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Be there room for a new activity game thing?

Should we make a new kind of activity for this board?

  • Yes. I just want more domes.

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Johnny Unusual

@Mogri had an idea for a Thunderdome of "who would win". Usually, Thunderdomes are musical in nature but I certainly wouldn't mind doing this. But I also think something like this could be its own thing. I feel while it only requires voting, the nature of it also encourages talking and hopefully non-shitty debate. So here's a poll, should this be possible Thunderdome thing or should it be its own thing?


Sabe, Inattentive Type
I wasn't here for the inception of Talking Time's musical thunderdomes, but it strikes me as really odd that a thing named after a literal battle arena would exclude a "who would win in a fight" runoff.


As I'm not that much into music, I would totally miss out on a thunderdome about something that would interest me more. So, personally, I would prefer this to be it's own thing.