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All Aboard the Infinity Train!


dirtbag lesbian
The second half of season 3 is up! I haven't finished it yet, but I cried at Hazel singing at Tuba's funeral.


You'll never take my hat away
Oh snap. I still need to properly finish the first half. My daughter burned through them while I was working in the other room trying my best not to pay attention. Non-ideal.


dirtbag lesbian
Last two episodes are up today and hooooooo-leeeeee shit.

So I had given my full thoughts on part 1 back on Old TT, which I will repeat here:
Infinity Train season 3 part 1 is really dang good and definitely about the alt-right. Like, the Apex kids are all about flattery, sympathy, and grooming those that they want to recruit; publicly cooperate with the denizens if they're worried they might be judged but still privately despise and even murder them; have a slur specifically for denizens; and even use the "one of the good ones" line. They're straight-up fascists.
And to that end, I really, really love that Simon just fucking dies, because he's an irredeemable piece of shit.

Like, we see his perspective in totality: we see why he doesn't trust denizens, we see how he's given opportunities to improve himself or redeem himself, we see how Grace tries to get him to come around... and he's just wrong about everything. And it's nobody else's job to fix him. And he refuses to change. And that all he'll ever get as a reward for his grand mission is to die an unceremonious and painful death. And nobody even read his stupid fucking book

Season 4's gonna be a doozy, huh? I imagine it'll be about Amelia finding a way to save Hazel, since that seems like the most pressing loose end, but I really do hope we get to see what happens to Grace and the new Apex eventually. I really appreciate that nobody gets off the train this time. Grace never solved her original problem; she just solved the problems she built up on the train. She got a fresh start and I'm happy for her.


Book 1 is a typical story of a spunky pre-teen lost in a fantasy world, learning some important lessons about life and, more importantly, lessons about herself.

Book 2 flips the script Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-style and explores the life of a fantasy creature whose only purpose is to become the moral of someone else's story, climaxing in a sequence of existential horror that hit my queer butt pretty hard.

Book 3 takes that intensity and ratchets it to 11, exploring toxic communities and abusive relationships that groom kids into ideologies of hate. I'd put it up there with Breaking Bad in terms of how tense it made me at points. It elevates the show to another level, and is seriously powerful stuff.

The showrunner doesn't seem confident it'll get picked up for another season, because HBO and Cartoon Network are trepidatious over the subject matter. It is definitely an all ages show and not a children's show, and I'm not sure Western TV execs know how to market that.