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90s Game Music Thunderdome Nomination Thread


behold my godlike
(she/her, or something)
1. ridge racer 2 - "grip"
2. bomberman hero - "redial"
3. tetrisphere - "hallucid"
4. radiant silvergun - "penta"

cut in the final round:
mischief makers - "out"
saga frontier - "last battle ~ emelia"
marvel vs capcom - "theme of spider-man"
star ocean: the second story - "theme of rena"

small thoughts:
"grip" - i never remember to choose a sanodg track for thunderdomes even though he's one of my favorites, and to me his bright synth style often screams the 90s even in his more recent work. it was practically the first thing that came to mind.

"redial" - i meant to nominate this for last thunderdome (woman composers)...before i forgot entirely. fixing that with another entirely topical round

"hallucid" - i guess this replaces my near-inevitable rhythm game nom this time. yes, it's not a "music game", and there are some fantastic tracks in 90's bemani, but i played this game for a while this year and kind of fell in love with its bizarre retro rave vibe.

emphasis on "kind of." anyway, this is my favorite song

"penta" - i keep playing this game and it gets closer and closer to my favorite work of sakimoto's, with some really fantastic motifs, a slowly rising energy, and the cute cd samples i love now more than ever. it's kind of hard to pick a song when there's so many with similar elements, but this one's nice.
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behold my godlike
(she/her, or something)
i just wanted to post more stuff, it's true. there was tons more than that, i had to think a lot about this!

Beta Metroid

At peace
Stickerbrush Symphony - Donkey Kong Country 2
Treasury Room - Super Castlevania 4
Flower Garden - SMW2: Yoshi's Island
Staff Roll - Mega Man 5

In the interest of time, and in the spirit of Hammer Pants, grunge rock, and 90210, I stuck to the early 90s.
Sorry about the "well actually," but it's Stickerbush. I say this less to be pedantic, and more that it amuses me how much traction Stickerbrush has gotten, to the extent of being called that in officially released games.


It's technical name is "This Doesn't Seem To Go At All In This Game But What An Awesome Track Symphony".


Sir Knightbot
I made so many cuts it was painful. Only 4 entries feels mean! (I get it tho, not actually criticizing here)

i just wanted to post more stuff, it's true. there was tons more than that, i had to think a lot about this!

Yeah, I had a lot of these too. I ended up cutting some of my favorite "contenders" like Whirlwind (Shinobi III) in favor of nominating obscure stuff that I feel like people may not have heard, which I find more fun.


definitely not a robot
can't believe i forgot about tetrisphere when thinking about n64 soundtracks for my picks smh

thanks for picking up my slack, spines


Nominations are closed. I'll set up the bracket and the dome will start sometime next week.


Update: I'll be compiling the bracket on Tuesday, so the voting thread will be up on Wednesday.