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1990s Game Music Thunderdome & Knuckles




Infamous third lava dolphin
The Tetrisphere and Rise of the Triad tracks were both delightful discoveries, but I'll go for RoTT and Stickerbrush Symphony.


Let's 90s gaming
Going Down the Fast Way and Stickerbrush Symphony move on. Bracket

When pudik plays Daytona USA, it's their destiny to be the King of Speed. WildcatJF encourages me to Stand Up Against Myself with the help of his team, the Thunder Force IV.

Violentvixen gets serious about Eggmen with Robotnik's Boss Theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. WildcatJF is Sirius II, but more about Bomberman 64 than about Eggmen.

Voting closes at 4:45 PM PST tomorrow.