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When are we getting a Wario Mania? Shake-It was very pretty, but also very...rote. And the less said about any other Wario platformer after WL4, the better.
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Old 08-18-2017, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Bonus #215 Wanda
First Appearance: Mario & Wario 1993
18 points, 1 nomination

Speaking of Wario and also characters who start with "W." We got one vote for Wanda, the protagonist of the Japanese only game "Mario & Wario." This is a weird game. Wario drops a bucket on Mario's head, and so you play as a fairy making platforms for Mario to walk on as he stumbles about. I always thought it was a real shame we never got this game. Guess there wasn't enough SNES mouse-owners to justify bringing it over, but then again, didn't everyone have Mario Paint?

Wanda is so weird. She doesn't fit in with the Mario canon at all. Why a fairy? There's a huge range of Mario characters who could have fulfilled the roll, even in 1993. Part of the answer lies in the developer, Game Freak. Maybe they didn't want to lean to hard on Nintendo's design. Maybe there was some contractual things? In any case Wanda is the first Fairy type pokemon, introduced decades before the type even existed! Fascinating!
Wanda for Smash.
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a fairy named wanda , booster for smash , burt the bashful nudes , eetsa me! , freelance sluggy , jbear art , little goomba swole , loki art , more like ge-yes amirite , please retweet the geno , renzor(tm) brand , top 50 , top 50 countdown , undo dog #1 , year of ludwigi , year of luigi

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