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Old 06-26-2017, 03:18 PM
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Just marathoned all of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis while I'm home sick from work. Likely because of that, it felt more like a 5-hour movie than a series, but it worked pretty well as that! I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to diving in to the in-progress 2nd series, provided that I can find it (Amazon Strike isn't available in Canada).
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Old 06-26-2017, 07:00 PM
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Just seconding that Little Witch Academia was on the whole quite enjoyable, but probably works better as a weekly than a marathon. And yeah, it's a shame we didn't get more Lotte and Sucy - they do have one focus episode each, but you'd expect more from what initially seemed like main characters. Diana, otoh, gets a lot of involvement and some good development.
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Old 06-27-2017, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by WisteriaHysteria View Post
I have very little positive things to say about Re:Creators, so I don't want to rain on anyone's parade too much.
Can I ask you to go ahead anyway? I may be enthusiastic but I far prefer interesting discussion and critique to generic fangirling.
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Old Yesterday, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Alpha Werewolf View Post
Can I ask you to go ahead anyway? I may be enthusiastic but I far prefer interesting discussion and critique to generic fangirling.
I enjoyed the whole reverse-isekai scenario of watching characters being taken out of their worlds and told to exist in ours. The SoL bits where characters are learning to be regular people or exploring a world unfamiliar to them are the best parts of the show. As well as the moments where characters begin to reflect on their own identities and grow due to this input of new experiences from a new environment. So in my eyes, one of the biggest problems with this show is how that isn't nearly as important to the minute-to-minute happenings in the show as it is to have a bunch of flashy but dumb fights, or bad sophistry lectures on the nature of being a creator of fiction or technobabble to justify the scenario.

The reflective character development bits is also undermined by the fact that we as viewers really don't have a frame of reference for who these characters were before they came to our world, since they're poorly defined generic parody. And it feels like the story at one time was supposed to be an actual crossover between established fictional characters where the licencing fell through and it got rewritten. Had we known who these characters were before, maybe it might have meant a little more to see them change, but instead they have to tell us about how they've changed during awkward exposition and we have to take their word for it which is never great for a visual medium. (Show, not tell, etc, etc.)

The MC also feels really out of place in this story. He hangs out with all these heroes and the government, and everyone keeps coming to consult and hang out with him for some reason, but he offers almost no justification for the attention that gets thrown at him. It's typical anime "he's special because... YOU'RE special!" self-insert design philosophy that really doesn't work for me. Because he's not special, and he's designed that way on purpose in order to be as featureless as possible, and yet people are still drawn to him for no demonstrative reason.

Then there's just the fact that I'm increasingly becoming impatient with shows (or really any media from any origin) that navel gazes into the act of creating stuff from its own medium/genre. If you can provide something special like a technical insight or manage to say something that hasn't been said before, I might be more amenable to that. But as it stands, it feels like I'm paying to watch somebody attempting to futilely work through their writer's block.

And I won't even get started on the show brutalizing the meguca stand-in (among others) for cheap pathos.

So ya, I dunno. All the above wasn't so offensive that I had to drop it or anything, but I found the show very frustrating to watch. It's always worse than if a show was hopelessly terrible when you can see how a show could have been better and it just doesn't want to go there. The action sequences were really well done too, so you can probably enjoy the show purely from that perspective as well. They just didn't do anything for me, partially because I wasn't buying into the scenario/characters, and partially because we were blessed with an embarrassment of riches in the action-realm. Maybe in a different and more threadbare season, I might have liked it on that merit alone. But this season it was probably the 8th or 9th best thing I saw if judging the quality of the action fights alone.
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Old Yesterday, 03:07 AM
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I actually think that the MC is the best part here. The only reason he's special initially is that he happened to be there - his opinion is neither given any special consideration nor consistently proved to be right.
Later we see the actual significance of his presence - Altair is quite closely related to him, and that seems to be the sole reason he's even in the story.

As far as the characters, I don't think their personalities are of any interest to the show. The show wants you to know them as a caricature so it can talk about storytelling, which as you say isn't interesting to you - and that's fine.
I find it fascinating though! Alicetaria's an obvious Berserk expy and seeing her struggle to come to terms with the kind of world that could have created her world was fantastic, as were Meteora's feelings about her own world.
The whole series is constantly celebrating the good in otaku culture -
the thriving and creative fandom, the mere act of loving a series.
In ReCre, you as a viewer are not supposed to feel empowered in the sense that the "skills" you are developing by watching animoo and playing video games will lead you to success in the fictional world; The series is celebrating the mere act of enjoyment of a series.

Is it a bit navel-gazey? Sure. But I find it to be a wonderful response to the isekai anime plaguing the industry. This show brings you Sota not to have you feel like you could be him, but to learn from him. He participated in the community as a positive force at first and was happy for it, and made the world a better place for others; When he started working with more toxic sides of it, even by simple noninterference, his life went to shit.
This isn't a redemption story, and it's not a heroic story either.
It's a cautionary tale that goes directly against the most toxic parts of this culture - where other shows embrace this part as much as any other. Have you noticed that there's no fanservice, no pervy shit at all? The most is when Matsubara first sees Selesia, and the show does not treat that bit very sympathetically.

Honestly I found the "characters adapting to daily life" bits to be most boring and predictable. Hataraku Maou Sama did that already, I gave that show a 5.

Your point about meguca is fair enough, though I didn't feel it was just there for cheap drama. I mean, it's exactly what this kind of character would do; Deconstructing her naivete has been a theme since she showed up and nearly killed Selesia.
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