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Yes, let's feast!
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Oh shoot, I missed the obvious answer. Believe Gerad's lies!
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Since we're in a new area, there are plenty of suggestions, so let's try them out. First of all, the One True Direction.

You take a few steps down the steep staircase when suddenly you lose your footing as you try to walk on air. You fall a mere 25 feet straight down and, landing on your head, regret your attempt.

**** You have died ****

The great mysteries of the ancient pyramid remain unsolved. Although your desperation has served you well in getting this far, to get farther requires a wisdom, tempered by experience.

That little bit of text appears every time you die after entering the pyramid, if you're wondering.

Guess that didn't work out so well. Fortunately, we have the power of reincarnation, by which I mean the restore command. So, after restoring, let's try Mogri's other suggestion.

>burn liquid
(with the match)
Poof. There's no need to get burned up about it though...

**** You have died ****

Guess that it doesn't just smell volatile. But maybe it tastes better than it looks or smells?

>drink liquid
I don't think that the liquid would agree with you.

I'm honestly surprised that didn't kill me. Let's try another exit. North didn't work out so well, so let's try going...

(down the winding staircase)
It is pitch black. Off in the distance you hear hideous squealing and what can only be the sound of thousands of tiny, clawed feet coming closer.

Probably thousands of tiny grues. Let's go a bit further down this path and see if they want to be friends.

Oh, no! An army of eleventy-seven rats, starved for affection (and food), leapt upon your body in a show of rodentine appreciation and devoured you!

Aww, they did want to be friends! <3 ^_^

Unfortunately, they apparently took the term "friends for dinner" a bit too literally. Where to now?

North from Chamber of Ra.
East from Chamber of Ra.
South from Chamber of Ra.
West from Chamber of Ra.

A bronze torch
A pink jar
  • A liquid (oily and volatile-smelling, apparently flammable)
A knapsack
  • A rope
An ancient map
A canteen
  • A quantity of water
A shovel
A pick axe
A matchbook
  • A few matches
A navigation box (displays precise latitude and longitude)

Your score is 50 out of a possible 400, in 116 moves.
This score gives you the rank of a fumbling beginner.

Current puzzles:
Getting down the steep stairs north of the Chamber of Ra.
Finding a light source.

  k a f
  | | |
  | | |
  | |\|
a=Your Tent
b=Outside Your Tent
c=Near the Nile
d=River Bank
e=Northern Path
h=Fire Pit
i=Outside Work Tent
j=Outside Supply Tent
l=Supply Tent
m=Southern Path
n=Southern Path
o=Middle Path
p=Work Tent
r=Desert (down to Chamber of Ra)

a=Chamber of Ra (up to Desert [r]; you are here)

Deaths: 4 (eaten by crocodiles, fell down the stairs and broke my neck, burned to death, devoured by an army of friendly rats)
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