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Did you at least catch Andrew Robinson in the role of Larry Cotton?
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Originally Posted by YangusKhan View Post
Pinhead has a lot of sights to show you, they're just in the later movies.
I've only watched the first three (and I rented Hellraiser last night for $1 because of this thread, because I haven't watched any for at least 15 years) and, if my memory is any indication, Hellbound is the better of the set? I feel that Hellraiser wants to do the "less is more" approach with the Cenobites, leave the true horror implied by of how desperate this one gooey guy and this one 80s-haired girl are to escape from them. There's no "good" here, just degrees of evil, with these weirdly amoral, implacable neutral entities serving as the ultimate threat.

But then you have a weirdly non-threatening Engineer and an out-of-left-field bone dragon and the Cenobites go from "psychological horror" to "actual non-entities in execution". You never really get any idea of what they'll actually do to you if they catch you, other than hook you to bits, which, within the context of this movie alone, seems like a standard horror movie death (and not much worse than "eaten alive by gooey undead dude"). Frank's acting basic personality is so fundamentally evil murdering innocent men to (ahem) save his own skin isn't too big a step for him, and his arc is more "just wants to be whole again so he can resume being evil" rather than "wants to have a working body so he can run away from the Cenobites". Kristy was a much better vehicle for this, but the direction fails to capture her horror and her despair at her own fate during the "Frank's dead" deception. Also, however much Pinhead insists the Cenobites are neither good nor evil, Barker's direction paints them as bad guys right off the bat. And not even particularly effective ones, at that: most are easily banished simply by solving the box again, Butterball is thwarted by a few chunks of wood and plaster falling on his head, and the Engineer ends up playing pattycake with Kristy despite his horrific appearance.

Amazing gore effects, though. That opening scene with the fragmented Frank and the scene of his body reconstructing itself are aces. Definitely more realistic than anyone's acting

Hell on Earth, IIRC, is pretty hokey. The new Cenobites never seemed all that interesting, just modernized for the sake of marketing. I must have watched it at 14 or 15 and even then I thought it was trying too hard. I'll rent Hellbound tonight to see if it holds up to my memories, to see if it really does have a better balance between Hellraiser lore, Cenobite threat and motivations, and human villains. But I've read that later movies completely dispense with the supposed neutrality and go full "evil demons out to conquer the world", so I'm not very interested in those.
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Originally Posted by Regulus View Post
Blade Runner:
Q: Is Deckard a replicant or human?
A: Yes.
I'm pretty sure it's more like

Q:Is Deckard a replicant?
Ridley Scott: Yes
Literally Every Other Person Involved With the Film: What? No.
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Originally Posted by The Raider Dr. Jones View Post
Not really? The character relationships are slightly different, but the events unfolding in the movie are pretty much the same as what goes on in The Hellbound Heart.
Huh. Horror nerds have oversold the shit out of Clive Barker for a long time.
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I really enjoyed some Books of Blood. I am not a written horror buff, though, merely a casual~

(I’ve read the Hellbound Heart, but can’t remember much about it, aside from the fact that Kristie’s a guy’s neighbor instead of daughter)
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Imajica is one of the most imaginative and bonkers novels I've ever read.
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Originally Posted by Adrenaline View Post
Imajica is one of the most imaginative and bonkers novels I've ever read.
WeaveWorld A++
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Blade Runner++

A replicant, wholly knowing himself to be one. Now believes, if only for a moment, that he's a human. During that time he has human emotions, human questions, and basically struggles with the idea that he isn't a soulless slave. Which he isn't. No replicant is. Its not as though being grown in a lab makes you any less human than someone grown in a womb. This concept also isn't proven by the fact that one had a baby. The film clings onto that as though its the big revelatory macguffin. Yet its all K's story, and his experience that's the real mind-blower. His story proves that its an elaborate social system of dehumanization and replicants aren't soulless puppets. Which is what makes the story so much better than the first one. If anyone can be a replicant. Being a 'real person' starts to not matter much anymore. The entire idea of personhood is called into question when you can have one tailor-made for a job or purpose. What does it mean to be a person in this world? Human worth is eliminated entirely, if you can just create perfect copies of people as a disposable workforce.

The great irony of all this is the very obvious overpopulation problem of the BR future. You can read a lot into that.
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Having the week off for Fall break has given me the time to hit up some matinee showings of mildly interesting movies.

Battle of the Sexes sees all of the possible stories to tell with Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs and tries to tell all of them. It's not bad, and both Emma Stone and Steve Carell are pretty great. But almost all of the story threads it picks up feel a little underserved. There is a whole movie that focuses on the creation of the WTA or on King discovering her sexuality or on the tireless hustler Riggs, but in trying to tell all of the stories it almost fails to tell any of them.

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women is a love story between two women as facilitated by a fantastic weirdo. That sounds more judgmental that I meant it to, but there isn't any getting around that Marston was pretty out there. It is framed like a very traditional love story, almost kind of stuffy, but that contrasts with the very nontraditional relationship at the center of it. Rebecca Hall is amazing. Mostly it is pretty good.
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