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Originally Posted by Rya View Post
Maybe there's a market for open world games. But if so, they must be appealing to some part of the human psyche that I lack. I don't want anything to do with them. They barely even qualify as games to me.

They'd bother me a hell of a lot less if they were just a genre I could ignore, like sports games or first person shooters. But lately all my favorite game series keep getting new games that are open world games, abandoning the genre of games that the rest of the series was. In the last few years this has happened to Arkham, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, and now Legend of Zelda. I can't fucking stand it. I want to set all of these producers on fucking fire and murder their children in front of them while they burn.
I can relate.
Good lord that's a disproportionate response. So psychopaths don't enjoy open world games, got it.

Last edited by Lucas; Today at 04:41 AM. Reason: I'm referring specifically to the post Rya quoted, not Rya himself here.
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